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Employer Perspective: FAQs and Mythbusting

Photo of Audrey Inniger holding an Instagram frame signAudrey Inniger, Senior Talent Management Consultant at Worldpay

Audrey Inniger is a Senior Talent Management Consultant at Worldpay (formerly Vantiv). Before college career fair season is set to kick off, we asked her for general advice and how to make the most out of interactions with employers.

What are the benefits to attending an information session or networking event?

Oftentimes information sessions or networking events aren’t as crowded as a career fair. Therefore, you are able to spend valuable time with a recruiter or company professional showcasing your unique skillset. From a recruiter perspective, I typically remember those students better who I meet at an information session or networking event due to the meaningful conversations held!

What are some tips for college students or recent graduates looking to stand out at a job fair?

Showcase what makes you, YOU. The best and most memorable conversations I have are those in which the student talks about their passions, interests, and quirks. Enjoy skydiving? Have a passion for cooking international fare? Rap music enthusiast? Tell me about it! Highlighting those characteristics will make you most memorable at the career fair and will spark a more natural, relaxed conversation.

Do you have any advice for college students or recent graduates on acing their first interview?

Do your homework. [This] includes homework on the company, on the people you are interviewing with, and on the city where the role is located. LinkedIn should be your best friend! Prepare thoughtful questions to ask the recruiter or hiring manager with whom you are interviewing.

If a student is unable to obtain an internship, what are other experiences that employers look for?

If you are unable to obtain an internship, other experiences to pursue could include a corporate job shadow, study abroad experience, as well as a part-time summer job. No matter what the experience, add value or find meaning within the opportunity that can be applied to a future internship or full-time role search.

Mythbuster: “You should accept the highest paying job offer.”

Money doesn’t buy happiness. Although salary is one factor to consider, also consider the company culture, your team (especially your direct manager), as well as career advancement opportunities.

Mythbuster: “If I don’t get a job from a career fair, there’s no hope.”

Completely false! Although a career fair is one opportunity to land your dream internship or full-time role, there are many other options to find your role. Tips for you to land a job include LinkedIn searches, utilizing Career Services, and taking advantage of your alumni network.  

Mythbuster: “If you weren’t hired by a company last year, don’t apply this year.”

The common reason we don’t hire a student is current year in school, as we target juniors for our internship program. I applaud students who may not receive the internship offer sophomore or freshman year, but return with knowledge of the company, the culture, and the interview process. Those students always stand out above the rest, not only given their knowledge, but their true interest in working with Worldpay.

"I think that's the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself." - Elon Musk

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