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International Student Success Stories, featuring Ishan Mann

Today's blog features an Ohio State international engineering student who has been successful in their job search. Ishan Mann is a May 2018 B.S. Mechanical Engineering student. Ishan’s most recent internship was at Illinois Tool Works.

Ishan Mann headshotIshan Mann, Illinois Tool Works

Tell us about your role at your most recent position:  

I worked as a Mechanical Engineering Intern in the Welding Division of Illinois Tool Works (ITW). I worked in the maintenance department and hence most of my work was to maintain the machines that produce and pack welding wires and work towards reducing downtime by incorporating a Preventive Maintenance (PM) schedule. 

What resources did you use during your internship/job search?

I used Engineering Career Services a lot during my job search. I would go to ECS to get my resume reviewed before the career fairs. In addition, attending the career fair helped me land many interviews (TIP: Apply online for the position before going to a specific company at a career fair). Lastly, the ECS job portal is a good place to start looking for jobs. I used LinkedIn and company info sessions on campus to connect with the employers.

What core skills or qualities do you think employers find most useful?

The skills and qualities depend on the position at hand. However, apart from the technical skills required for the job, core skills like effective communication and the ability to solve a problem using logical, systematic thinking is what helps during interviews. Most first round interviews contain behavioral questions, so you should prepare to [successfully] tackle behavioral questions. ECS schedules mock interviews throughout the year. The interviews contain a mix of standard and behavioral questions, which are very helpful in developing and honing interview skills.

What would you tell your peers they need to do to find a great internship or full-time position?

Never stop trying. Apply to as many companies as you can each week. It is never too late to apply for a job or an internship as there is always someone who is trying to find an employee somewhere. Don't get demotivated! If you get rejected by a company, maintain a positive attitude and just keep on trying. Also, when applying online upload a cover letter (even if it is optional).

"Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success." - Pablo Picasso

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