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Hidden Gems in CareerEngine

Last year, ECS featured a blog that reviewed “hidden gems” on our website. For this edition, I’m going to highlight aspects of CareerEngine that you may not be aware existed—but are completely worth checking out! 

  • “Employer Directory”: Did you know there are over 21,000 companies that have recruited at Ohio State? If an employer is in this database, it’s because at some point in time, they expressed interest in hiring a Buckeye. This is a great place to research companies and learn about employers you haven’t heard of but that you might want to consider. Maybe you know you are interested in wind power, but are not sure what companies fall in this category. A simple keyword search returns 37 such companies! Employers can opt in to including their contact information as well, so if you are lucky, you may come across an email address so you can better connect!


  • Diversity Guides in “Resource Library” located in “Resources”: Keyword search “diversity” and a series of six guides come up. ECS has crafted specialized resources designed to help students with their unique job search needs. Guides exist for international students, LGBTQ students, minority engineering students, students with disabilities, veterans, and women in engineering. These helpful guides outline job search tools specific to each group, as well as career and workplace resources. 


  • Major Guides in “Resource Library” located in “Resources”: Keyword search “major” and seven guides populate that were created to help specialized engineering majors such as Aero, Agricultural, Biological, Biomedical, Physics, Environmental/Ecological, and Food. These guides overview your strategy, using LinkedIn to progress your job search, using CareerEngine effectively, job search resources for your major, professional organizations you may want to join, and major specific student organizations. You will find they supplement your job search nicely since they have your specific major in mind!


  • “Info Sessions” in “Events”: My advice is to never miss the chance to interact with a human! It may sound simple, but in our tech heavy world, having an in-person conversation, putting a name to a face, and showing up to an employer event could really make the difference between you being stuck in an application queue and you advancing to the interview stage. Info sessions are a lot like career fairs—the company reps are there to promote their company, but instead of there being 5000 students there, there’s likely to be closer to 30-40 depending on the company. Another bonus? They are offered more frequently than career fairs as well. If you don’t see a company that you love, check back weekly because new events get added often.

Have questions about how to use CareerEngine? Want to delve deeper into our resources? Thinking you may want to troubleshoot your job search? Come in and see us! We are ready to help and will help make CareerEngine—and your job search strategy—work for you! 

“While technology is important, it's what we do with it that truly matters.”—Muhammad Yunus

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Rachel Kaschner

Rachel Kaschner is the Assistant Director at Engineering Career Services.