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Columbus Series: Smart City's Impact on Your Job Search

In 2016, Columbus was selected out of 77 other cities to build Columbus into a Smart City. As part of this initiative Columbus earned $40 million from the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) and $10 million from Vulcan Inc., with additional contributions from local and national partners propelling the total to over $500 million. Smart City’s goal is to improve people’s quality of life, drive economic growth, enhance logistics, and foster sustainability through 15 USDOT projects and 5 Vulcan Inc. priorities.

There are some projects anticipated to be finished by 2018 with others yet to begin. Amidst all this change and innovation, how could your job search not be affected by these activities?

  • There are 30 different sponsors who are taking advantage of the Smart Columbus initiative. These range from local sponsors to big multi-billion dollar corporations. These sponsors all have a vested interest in what goes on throughout the city and are helping to fund projects.
  • Projects range from Integrated Data Exchange to Street Lighting to Collision Avoidance to Multimodal Trip Planning. With so many projects there are a lot of ways that the city of Columbus is expanding their engineering prowess and utilizing this great opportunity.
  • The Columbus Start-up Week in 2017 brought with it excitement for the possibilities for entrepreneurs that surround Smart City. The Integrated Data Exchange (IDE), for example, could enable entire companies to be built using this data by creating applications.
  • You could have more access to jobs. By connecting the different districts in and around Columbus, Smart City will make commuting easier and more efficient. There are processes in place for autonomous vehicles to be able to work from the Commercial District (Easton) to Downtown. This will allow more people to have transportation, and will make commuting longer distances easier.

Smart Columbus is bringing people closer together so that they can have equal opportunities. It was selected out of a large group, giving us the possibility to see these changes first hand. With more projects going on, company sponsors taking an increased interest in the market, and greater opportunities to improve commutes there is unlimited potential for the job market in Columbus.

Learn more about Smart Columbus HERE.

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." – Steve Jobs 

About the author

Alex Austin

Alex Austin is a Graduate Administrative Associate with Engineering Career Services.