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New Gig, New Location

The summer is right around the corner; you have a new gig, and potentially even a new location. In the university setting, it is pretty easy to get comfortable in your own element: spending time with the same people, eating at the same restaurants, interacting with the same professors. A lot of your life at Ohio State has likely become familiar. That's not a bad thing! However with new opportunities, you may be feeling excited to venture somewhere new, OR you might have a case of the nerves.

What should you consider when moving to a new place? First, I would encourage you to check out the “Think Housing” blog. This post covers various considerations when relocating.

Here are some questions to consider prior to your move:

  • Will the company assist in your moving cost? If so, how do you need to report your traveling expenses?
  • Will my cost-of-living change? You are moving out of the university setting and probably going to be earning a decent wage (whether that be an internship or full-time employment). However, the cost-of-living in Columbus, Ohio is considerably different from San Francisco, California. Your budget may change. Check out “Factor in cost of living in job search decisions” for more information. 
  • Are there other individuals that have went through a similar move? The company may have someone internally that would be willing to share how their transition went (what they liked, what they would do different, etc.). Ask if there is someone to help guide you.
  • What will the day-to-day be like? Southern California’s climate is much different from the Windy City of Chicago.
  • Are you able to visit the city prior to your move? Especially when moving somewhere full-time, it would be nice for you to understand the areas in which are close to work, affordable for your budget, and comfortable for you.

Once you are in your new location, try to embrace what's new...your job, your network, your housing, your city, etc.. It is important to not lose sight of why you chose to move in the first place as the first couple of days, weeks, or months may be overwhelming.

Breakdowns do happen, and it is OK. However, remember your support system. Give them a call – do not drive home yet. Develop a new routine for yourself that has days that are filled with learning the new environment. Get out of your comfort zone to be acclimated to the new surroundings. Do things that make you feel uncomfortable such as going out to lunch with other interns or joining a young professionals club.  

Ways to get involved in your new community:

  • Join affinity groups at work OR create your own group of individuals (this may be the group of interns or new hires) and send a weekly check-in of possible group activities in the area that you could partake in together.
  • Volunteer or participate at local places such as the following: community center, hospital, church, library, local food bank, sports teams, community theater, retirement home, or Habitat for Humanity.
  • Ask your coworkers for different ideas of ways they are involved in the community and see if you could join them.
  • Search community events in your new area.

“I’m continually trying to make choices that put me against my own comfort zone. As long as you’re uncomfortable, it means you’re growing.”
-Ashton Kutcher 

About the author

Lauren Verhoff

Lauren Verhoff is a Graduate Administrative Associate with Engineering Career Services.