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Career Fair Coaches: Who are they? How can they help me? How do I become one?!

Making connections. Landing Interviews. Receiving job offers. Many engineering students have mastered the art of a successful career fair. It’s an overwhelming experience, but if you prepare well, it can also be the start of a fruitful job search. This year, ECS implemented a new program that gives seniors the chance to “give back” to the college and help other students in their co-op/internship and full-time job search.

Who they are:

“Career Fair Coaches” are graduating seniors who have had great success at prior fairs and in their search.  They are students who are energetic and have excellent communication skills.  They have maintained solid GPAs and have completed multiple co-op or internship rotations. Most importantly, they have a desire to help other students be successful too!

What they do:

Career Fair Coaches are assisting ECS in preparing students for the upcoming fair in two main ways:

  1. Career Fair Prep Workshops.  They attend the workshops and offer inside tips and advice on preparing for and navigating the fair, standing out among other students, and following up with companies afterwards.  Perhaps most importantly, they share their “elevator pitch” and then give feedback on attendees’ pitches.
  2. Coffee Chats.  On Friday, January 27 and Monday, January 30, the coaches will be hanging out in the ECS conference room with coffee and donuts.  This is a very casual setting, and students are encouraged to stop in at any time between 9am-12pm to talk to the coaches.  I recommend coming with your elevator pitch and practicing it with them.  This is your chance to perfect the pitch on a peer who is not intimidating, and get genuine feedback from someone who has been in your shoes! They are also happy to talk about their application, interviewing, and internship/co-op experiences. 

Don’t miss this unique chance to connect with seniors who are here to help!

How do I become one?

Your senior year, be on the lookout for an email from ECS the first week of school (autumn and spring) about applying to be a Career Fair Coach.  If you’ve had multiple internship experiences, attended recent career fairs, and have a 3.0 GPA, you will be eligible to apply.  There is a quick application to fill out, and then you will be notified of your selection and assignment shortly after the deadline. Also – if you are interested in volunteering in a variety of ways with ECS (sitting on a student panel, becoming a coach), feel free to mention this during your next ECS counseling or walk-in appointment.  We will save your name and possibly be in touch!

The Career Fair Coach program has been a huge success this year, and we hope you will take advantage of the students who are giving their time and consider becoming one yourself in the future!

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”

About the author

Katy Arenschield

Katy Arenschield is the Engineering Co-op and Internship Program Manager.