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Resource Spotlight: ECS Diversity Guides

Did you know that last year, ECS created a new section on our website and accompanying resource guides in CareerEngine for diverse student populations? We are committed to providing job search assistance to all of our students and recognize that everyone’s needs are not the same. 

There is a unique landing page on the ECS website and guides in the Resource Library of Handshake for the following groups: international students, LGBTQ students, minorities in engineering, students with disabilities, women in engineering, and veterans.  Because each student has a unique background and set of qualifications to offer potential employers, not everyone will have the same path to obtaining employment.  We are here to support each and every engineering student through their job search process.

Below are some highlights of the diversity pages:

  • Disclosure: Tips for how/when/why to disclose your situation with an employer. For example, we include a disclosure script to help students with disabilities practice discussing their disability with their employer.  For international students, we provide examples of legal questions regarding work authorization that employers can ask and how to appropriately respond.
  • Special considerations: Each population has different things to consider when job searching.  Women, for example, should be aware of The Wage Gap and Implicit Bias.  What those terms mean and how they can affect the job search and work environment are explained on the women in engineering section.
  • Resume writing: Veterans, for instance, should understand how to translate the skills they learned in the military to civilian terms and highlight how those skills benefit an employer outside the military.
  • Job search: Each group may face certain hurdles in their job search.  The diversity pages outline tips for helping ease this process.  We encourage each group of students to research and identify companies that are committed to diversity by researching their policies, company culture, and benefits.
  • Interviewing: Preparing for an interview is intimidating for any student but can be made even more so for certain minority groups.  We share tips that can help each population best prepare to ace the interview.
  • On the job: There are a plethora of workplace considerations that diverse groups should uniquely think about.  For example, the international student page includes tips for acclimating to the workplace culture.
  • Helpful links: Additional links are included to resources both internal and external to OSU.

Each of the groups also has a supplemental job search handout in Handshake's Resource Library. These documents provide direct links to (accompanied by a short description of) education, job search, and workplace resources relevant to that particular group.  ECS staff took careful time to vet each resource that is included in these documents, so rest assured they are legitimate and valuable.

If you have questions regarding your job search, please set up an appointment with an ECS advisor. As always, we are here to help.

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.”
-Stephen Covey

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Katy Arenschield

Katy Arenschield is the Engineering Co-op and Internship Program Manager.