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Expand your employment options with GoinGlobal

Have you heard of GoinGlobal?  Many students have not!  But it’s a fantastic resource that is available to you through CareerEngine.  GoinGlobal is the leading provider of both country-specific and USA city-specific career and employment information.  The GoinGlobal database features 38 Country Career Guides, 53 City Career Guides for the United States and Canada, corporate profiles and more than 16 million internship and job listings within the USA and around the world.  If you fall into one of the two following categories listed below, you need to be using this resource!

You are a U.S. Citizen who wants to work abroad.

If you are interested in working abroad, it’s likely you have a country (or narrowed down list of countries) in mind. It’s also that likely you have the language skills that would be required for communicating in that country.GoinGlobal’s Country Guides would be very helpful to you in securing employment abroad.

These guides are packed with country-specific career information, which would include things like online job sites that are specific to that country, an employment outlook (so you can understand the economy and what industries/skill sets are in demand there), top employers, work permits/visas needed for employment, resume conventions for that country, cultural advice, and SO much more.

You are an international student who wants to work in the U.S. after graduation.

International students may find it difficult to determine which employers will provide sponsorship after graduation for career employment.  GoinGlobal’s H1B Info can make the process of identifying companies likely to sponsor much easier. 

GoinGlobal provides data from the U.S. Department of Labor that includes H1B employer petitions from the most recent 12 month period of records available—this information can clue you into companies that would be likely to sponsor based on their past history of applying for these visas. The H1B Plus database allows for additional searches by job title, occupation, employer, wage and other fields. There are not jobs listed in this section, but you could certainly visit employers’ websites after determining which companies might be worth your efforts based on their willingness to sponsor. 

GoinGlobal also has a USA/Canada City Career Guides section which allows you to explore career and employment opportunities in the largest cities across North America! Resources include: business and networking groups, job search resources, cost of living data, and more. H1B employer listings are included in each City Guide, as well as a state-by-state roster.

It’s certainly a lot of information available to you!  But knowledge is power—so put this information to use and start using GoinGlobal to broaden your opportunities.  GoinGlobal is located on the main page of your CareerEngine account in the lower right-hand corner.  Feel free to contact ECS is you’d like assistance learning how to use the resource.  We’d be happy to give you a tutorial. 


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