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March Mock Interview Month Winner

During the month of March, ECS hosted a mock interview competition via InterviewStream. InterviewStream is an online mock interview platform. InterviewStream allows students to do a virtual mock interview from any computer with a webcam and microphone. Engineering students were to choose one of eight mock interview options and complete a mock interview following the S.T.A.R. model for behavioral interviews. Their interviews were then submitted to an ECS advisor for feedback.

The winner for ECS’ Mock Interview Month is…Jack Hsueh. Congratulations!

Get to know more about our mock interview winner and his interview advice.  

About Jack

Jack Hsueh is an Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Student graduating in May 2017. He chose Ohio State University because of its depth and broad research. His favorite engineering class at OSU is Advanced RF IC. That class has taught Jack about circuit design of the entire receiver front-end from low noise amplifiers (LNA) to power amplifiers (PA). He enjoys the combination of theory with practical circuit design. He appreciates that the assignments are very similar to the work in industry.

What Jack Loves About OSU

Jack enjoys the professionalism and kindness of the OSU faculty. He is particularly fond of the faculty for working with international students speaking English as their second language. He also appreciates the facilities that OSU has to offer. In particular, the RPAC and the amount of fitness courses for students.

Jack's InterviewStream Experience

Jack said that InterviewStream was very convenient for practicing interviews. He feels that InterviewStream provides flexibility to practice interview skills in the morning or at midnight.

Jack's Interview Advice

Jack said, “Practice, practice, and practice. The more your practice, the better you are.” It is important to have eye-contact, speak confidentially and fluently with accurate answers. Jack said he utilized ECS’ mock interviews to help prepare him for his actual interviews. ECS provided Jack with practical questions similar to actual questions asked in an interview.

Are you an engineering student interested in learning more about InterviewStream? Getting started is simple. Go to your CareerEngine account. Click on “InterviewStream” in the "Announcements", and create an account (it only takes a couple of minutes).  You can then get started answering sample questions or watching quick videos that teach you how to answer commonly asked questions.  

"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today."
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

About the author

Lauren Verhoff

Lauren Verhoff is a Graduate Administrative Associate with Engineering Career Services.