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February 2016

Think Housing: Internship & Co-op Options

You’ve landed an awesome internship offer— yet there’s one obstacle, it’s not where you currently live, you don’t have a place to live or even know where to begin to find housing. If you will be moving out of the Columbus area or away from a hometown for a position, you may want to consider housing options before signing an offer.

Housing is an additional benefit that some employers offer, and housing assistance may come in many different forms including some of the following examples:

  • Company furnished, fully paid housing: a place to live with furniture and sometimes utilities included; this would be the ideal situation. The housing factor is completely handled – you just need to move you and your personal belongings!
  • Housing stipend: a fixed monthly rate typically taxed
  • Increase in wage: employer increases your hourly wage to adjust for your housing needs
  • Relocation bonus: a one-time payment to … 
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What Do I Wear to….?

You only have one chance to make a first impression and that first impression is partially based on your appearance and how you carry yourself. At any type of event, especially career related, your attire and appearance are non-verbal statements about who you are and what you do. In fact, your appearance not only shows you are taking the employer’s time seriously, but that you are eager to make a good impression and you are confident that you will fit into the company.

When deciding what to wear for different recruiting events, consider the following guidelines:

Feeling confident about your appearance is the first step to being confident in the interview! A good rule of thumb is to dress in business professional attire for interviews.


  • Wear a conservative dark-colored, two-piece matching business suit.
  • Choose a long-sleeved, light-colored, button-down shirt that falls ¼ to ½ inch below suit sleeve … 
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Recruiter Advice: How to Stand Out in the Crowd

My money says that you want a job, perhaps not this semester, but eventually. The problem is that all of your peers reading this also want a job, possibly even the same job you want. There is a lot of competition in the job search. Many of your resumes are practically identical to each other. Same first year project, same list of technology, a similar list of organizations, and a quick print of a degree audit shows that your classes and GPA are also neck and neck. So how do you stand out?  Show them what’s not on the resume. Show them you. Show them that you are professional and prepared.  

It seems like common knowledge, but many recruiters report that students aren’t prepared and/or lack common professional behavior. You can’t add classes or gain industry experience a week before a job interview, but there are things that you … 

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The Value of In-Person Interactions During Your Job Search

No one is denying it, we are right smack dab in the age of technology. Many people prefer texting to calling and scrolling social media to paying attention in class. Despite our dependence on technology and new ways of connecting with companies, it remains just as important as ever to make face-to-face connections with recruiters.

Personal connection is powerful.

The power of personally connecting through human interaction speeds up the relationship building process. In a ten-minute conversation we can learn more about each other than in six months of online searching. This goes both ways, meaning that you are able to gather much more information about a company’s culture by interacting with a representative than by simply researching online. Why do you think companies continue to travel to university campuses for recruitment? Despite the financial cost, personal interactions continue to be the top method for recruitment. The National Association of Colleges … 

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