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Similarities between dating and your job search

Have you ever considered that the best dating advice could also be applicable to your job search?  Considering most people will spend nearly a third of their waking life at work, it's pretty important that you put your best foot forward so that you can find the "one"--professionally that is.  Here are some tips that are applicable to both your romantic and your work life.  

Be sincere
No one likes a phony. Resist the temptation to send the same cover letter/email to every employer. Vague statements of interest will not help your cause. Just like in dating, no one wants to think that they are just a face in the crowd.  You want to make your subject feel special. Make sure every communication with a potential employer conveys your knowledge of and enthusiasm for their opportunity.

Never put down your ex
While some discussion of past experiences is helpful when getting to know each other, nothing is less appealing than someone who has nothing nice to say about someone they spent time with. What people take away from a conversation like that is not that you were wronged…but that you don’t know how to get along or compromise. When speaking of past employers, always focus on the skills you developed when solving problems, not on the problems themselves.

Look your best
This is not just about proper attire (though that is part of it)! Think about your online presence as well. What do your emails look like? Are they free of graphics and backgrounds? Have you carefully checked each one for errors? Is your LinkedIn profile up-to-date? What comes up when you Google yourself? If it’s something you’d rather not be seen by people you want to impress, work on getting it taken care of—or at least be prepared to be asked about it.

Be yourself
Pretending to be someone you’re not is exhausting. Would you really want to do it 40+ hours/week? Remember that a career should be a relationship built upon mutual interests. There should be chemistry. Remember that not only do you want them to like you, but for you to like them as well. If the fit isn’t right, you might want to consider moving on.

Use your networks
Generally speaking, the most successful relationships don’t start from randomly sending emails to strangers. You meet through friends, or online sites specifically designed for that purpose. Think of CareerEngine as a career dating site where everyone is looking for you! Companies that post jobs to CareerEngine specifically want to hire Ohio State engineering students. Use other networks as well, such as your professors, or friends already working, as well as sites like LinkedIn.

Don’t be shy
Don’t be afraid to get out there and be seen! If you’re looking for a date, staying in doesn’t help you meet people. The same goes for your job search. Go to company information sessions, participate in job shadow, get involved in a student project team, and most definitely attend the career fairs. The perfect job is out there waiting for you.

"There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle."

-Deepak Chopra

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Laura Little

Laura Little previously worked at the ECS front desk.