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October 2014

Reneging Part II: How Can I Avoid It?

So now that we’ve covered the downsides of reneging, let’s discuss strategies for prevention.  The key to avoiding a reneging situation is to not accept an offer without carefully thinking it through.  Consider doing the following:

  1. Avoid giving an immediate answer.  Avoid making a decision on the spot.  When the company representative calls with the happy news that they are extending an offer to you, you should thank them, express interest/excitement about the opportunity, and state that you look forward to receiving the formal offer in writing.  You should also ask them what the timeframe by which you need to decide is—so that you know the span of time you are working with. 
  2. Determine if you have enough time to decide.  Is the amount of time the employer allotted your decision making process adequate for you?  Do you want to have ECS review your … 
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Reneging Part I: What’s the Big Deal?

Searching for a job can be hard work.  Once you reach the stage where the offer(s) arrive, you figure “this will be smooth sailing!”  You may think:  “All of my efforts have paid off, and now I can just sit back, relax, and…wait a minute.  I am still waiting on several companies that I interviewed with—and really liked—I’m not sure if I’m ready to commit yet.  Or—what if I don’t get any other offers?  Can I just say “yes” to the offer and change my mind later if something better comes along?” 

Unfortunately, you cannot “just say yes” and then change your mind later.  The practice of accepting a job and then turning it down for another opportunity is called “reneging”—such a practice is highly unethical and not sanctioned by Engineering Career Services.  When you register with ECS, you agree to our policies, one … 

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International Student Success Stories, featuring Nihar Phalak

Today's blog features an OSU international engineering student who has been successful in their job search.  Nihar Phalak is a 2013 PhD Chemical Engineering graduate who now works as a Research Engineer at Shell International Exploration & Production, Inc. 

Tell us about your role at your most recent position.
I currently work in the Oil Conversion R&D group based in the Shell Technology Center in Houston, TX. My job is to identify differentiating technology options for upgrading and refining disadvantaged hydrocarbon resources including heavy oil, bitumen, etc. that are aligned with future markets and regulations. In this role, I am expected to plan and guide experimental programs, analyze data, document results, and recommend intellectual property action when appropriate.

What resources did you use during your internship/job search?
I started attending the ECS workshops well before the recruiting season and found them to be very useful, especially the ones on … 

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Food for Thought: Dining with Employers

Employers want to hire well-rounded individuals. You may have a great resume and impressive interview answers, lack of social skills and table manners could leave a negative impression that could ultimately cost you a job offer. Company representatives will observe you in less formal situations to see how you would represent the company in future social settings. So, be sure to show enthusiasm, maintain eye contact/good posture, and know the basic rules of dining etiquette!

Before the Meal

In addition to researching the employer, spend some time researching the restaurant to learn about location, parking, menu, etc. Pick out a few meal options on the menu that you might order. Remember- don’t go overboard with price just because someone else is paying! Narrowing down your options ahead of time will allow you to engage in better conversation with the employer.  It can also be practical if you have a dietary restriction … 

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Maximize Opportunities for Human Interaction During the Job Search

Have you ever submitted a job application online and then never heard anything back from the company? The job search can be quite frustrating, so it’s important that you have a strategy in place! Instead of exclusively applying online, I recommend job seekers adopt a hybrid model. Once you submit an application via the website, make it a priority to follow up with the company at an on-campus event whenever possible.

Making a positive impression in-person could move your resume to the top of the stack, or lead to a referral when a position opens. Job candidates can go into much more detail regarding their experience during a face-to-face conversation as opposed to a one page resume that’s submitted online. Recruiters can also pick up on a candidate’s personality during an in-person interaction which can help them imagine how the individual would fit in with a particular role or team … 

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