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Cool Co-op Project: Honda Fuel-Lid Cover

Today’s post is written by mechanical engineering student, Brian Huey.  Brian is sharing the cool project he worked on while co-oping at Honda of America Manufacturing.  

During the summer and fall of 2013 I worked for Honda of America Mfg at the Honda mother plant (MAP) in Marysville, Ohio. I spent a total of 7+ months working as a Co-op at Honda as a quality engineer. I had responsibilities for parts that went on the 1900 cars produced per day. This experience was very rewarding and surreal because I was given this much responsibility, but my most important accomplishment was the development of an idea that would improve the assembly process at MAP. This idea was to create a cover for the one part of the car body that was uncovered as it went through the assembly line, the fuel-lid. This idea was developed once I noticed the amount of cars that were down shipped per day just for fuel-lid damages.

After having my idea emailed to the chief engineer at MAP, I was told to pursue this idea. From here, I went through the entire plant to all of the separate departments (weld, paint, assembly, vehicle quality) and looked for evidence of how the fuel-lids could be damaged or passed through unnoticed. I then analyzed data from the last year, 2012, and compared the reported fuel-lid damages to see if a trend was present. After all of this internal research I also did similar research on the outside supplier to see if another trend existed. In the end, my goal was to prove the possibility that these damages were happening inside MAP. After a few months, I presented my findings and idea to the Manufacturing Department and they decided to buyout the ideal and work on implementing it into assembly department. This would reduce the amount of down-shipped vehicles, improve the assembly process, and possibly saving Honda six figures over a car model.

"There's no good idea that cannot be improved on."
-Michael Eisner