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What makes Engineering Career Services unique?

What makes Engineering Career Services unique?

           U         stands for “US!” We are a dedicated staff of professionals who really care about your professional development and want to see              you succeed

            N         stands for “Number of employers” who use ECS!  We hold the largest career fairs at Ohio State, hosting over 400 employers                 every year

I           stands for our “Internship and Co-op Program.” Over 80% of the students who are successful in securing full time employment have had this kind of experience

Q         stands for “Quality services.” We strive to provide the best services we can such as resume critiques, workshops, mock interviews, connections with employers for internships, co-ops and full time jobs and more. You will be getting information from experienced professionals who “know their stuff”. We also like to try new things, like the Engineering Career Success Conference, which is held in early fall. Have an idea for something we should offer? Let us know about it!  

U         stands for “U need to activate every semester.”  ‘Why do I have to do that?’ you ask? We want to make sure that we know your current status (are you seeking a full time job or an internship/co-op?)  And we need your most current resume on file. Why is this unique? Because we are the only career services office on campus that does it and our employers love it!  They don’t have to peruse resumes of people who aren’t actively looking anymore!

E          stands for "Engineering". At Ohio State, it’s a great benefit that there is support for decentralized career services where we can focus on the career fields that interest you and connect you with employers who are seeking YOU!

-"Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well." - John W. Gardner

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Amy Thaci is the Director of Engineering Career Services.