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Greet the greeter!

Let’s face it- when going in for an interview it is often easy to be a little less cognizant of your surroundings, especially when your mind is in many different places. How does my suit look? Is there anything in my teeth? What questions did I have in mind again? Can I explain everything on my resume in-depth?

Although these thoughts are completely normal, it is wise to try your best to be aware. Reason being, in many interview settings there will be what is known as a “greeter”...this person is typically a member of the company’s recruiting team and is available to talk to you before your actual interview even begins. If your interview is at ECS, it is likely that you will see a “meet the greeter” note on the interview schedule to remind you. This means that they are there to talk to you!  Whether they’re sitting in the waiting room or walking you to your interview room, it is extremely important to remind yourself to express professionalism when speaking with this person. Even though they may not be one of your “interviewers”, it is likely that they will still be a part of the decision-making process when it comes down to offering you the position.

Do not fear though, greeters aren’t there to intimidate you. Their purpose is the exact opposite: to make you feel comfortable and relaxed before your interview. They’re present to answer any last-minute questions and get to know you on a personal level as well.  Initiating conversation with them shows interest in the company/opportunity. Asking broad company questions like, “What has your experience been like with this company?” “How did you start out with X company?” or “How would you describe the company culture?” are ideal.

Knowing this ahead of time will be a small, yet essential, tool to successful interviewing!

“Professionalism is knowing how to do it, when to do it, and doing it.”
-Frank Tyger


About the author

Katherine Collins

Katherine Collins was a previous Graduate Administrative Associate with Engineering Career Services.