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Women’s Professional Attire

As a woman and a young professional, it can be tricky to decide how to dress on the day of a big interview. As you know, first impressions are extremely important.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the basics:

  • Make sure your hair is clean and nicely done
  • Avoid nail polish; if you choose to wear it, use light tones like tan or pale pink
  • Avoid excessive and gaudy jewelry; a simple necklace and earrings suffice
  • Don’t forget to use deodorant- no one wants a smelly interviewee!

Next, what do you wear? Below are some helpful tips for ladies in regards to what to wear in the most common professional settings:

What to wear to an information session or in an office environment (business casual):

  • A blazer or cardigan
  • Black, tan, or gray slacks
  • A pressed blouse (nothing low-cut, too tight, or shear)
  • Flats or low heels (closed toed)

What to wear to an interview or a career fair (business professional):

  • Business suit (can include slacks or skirt, and a blazer)
  • A pressed blouse (nothing low-cut, too tight, or shear)
  • Flats, low heels, or medium heels (closed toed)

Keep in mind, if you opt for a skirt-suit; be sure that the length of the skirt is at least to the top of your knees.  As always, be professional, polite, and engaged.  Good luck!

“The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best that you can become.”
-Harold Taylor

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Katherine Collins was a previous Graduate Administrative Associate with Engineering Career Services.