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November 2013

Advice for International Students Seeking Employment

ECS held its first international student panel on Monday, November 4, 2013. Over 70 students and staff attended to learn about successful internship and job search stories from students representing several different countries, majors, and industries within engineering.

Panelists were asked to give job search advice to international students in the audience. All panelists shared the same message – job searching takes time, effort, and persistence. It’s not unusual to for a job seeker to apply for a handful of positions and not hear anything! Maximize your chances of securing industry experience by taking advantage of the panelists’ advice in the following areas:

Resume Quality

Your resume is what opens the door to a job interview! Think quality over quantity. Applying to 50 jobs will not increase your chances of securing an interview if your resume content or format is poor. Be sure to tailor your resume to the specific … 

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Men’s Professional Attire

You worked hard in classes, made it through your engineering projects, crafted a near-perfect resume, and now you’ve landed an interview. Congratulations! Now as the big day approaches, the last thing you want is for your appearance to stand in the way of securing the position you’re after. Be sure you are dressed for success by following these three rules of professional attire for men.

Rule #1 – Don’t stand out

I know it sounds contradictory to everything you have been told about interviewing, but your appearance is the one place you should not try to set yourself apart from the competition. The standard for interviews is a dark, business suit with a neatly-pressed white or blue long sleeve dress shirt. Don’t go pin-stripe, don’t wear one of those shiny glitter suits from prom, just a plain dark blue, grey, or black suit will do. Same rule goes for the … 

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Women’s Professional Attire

As a woman and a young professional, it can be tricky to decide how to dress on the day of a big interview. As you know, first impressions are extremely important.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the basics:

  • Make sure your hair is clean and nicely done
  • Avoid nail polish; if you choose to wear it, use light tones like tan or pale pink
  • Avoid excessive and gaudy jewelry; a simple necklace and earrings suffice
  • Don’t forget to use deodorant- no one wants a smelly interviewee!

Next, what do you wear? Below are some helpful tips for ladies in regards to what to wear in the most common professional settings:

What to wear to an information session or in an office environment (business casual):

  • A blazer or cardigan
  • Black, tan, or gray slacks
  • A pressed blouse (nothing low-cut, too tight, or shear)
  • Flats or low heels (closed toed)

What … 

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The Scoop on Non-Compete Agreements

We’ve all done it before. You download a new software program and the next thing you know a small novel of legal jargon pops up on your screen. You could read the entire document and hope to stay awake while doing so, or you could just scroll down, check the box stating, “I have read and agree to the following terms,” and go on your merry way.  After all, what’s the harm of a little virtual white lie? We have become accustomed to scrolling past all the “legal mumbo jumbo,” believing there couldn’t be anything too important in all of those statements.

It can be tempting to apply that same attitude towards employment paperwork, but this is one area you should not “scroll” right through. Careful examination is especially important when it comes to a legal document that is becoming increasingly popular in the hiring process for … 

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