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Cool Co-op: Good Perks at a Great Job

Today’s post is written by industrial engineering student, Ethan Salsbury.  Ethan is sharing the perks that came along with his co-op at Entrotech.

"During the winter of 2012, I experienced my first co-op as an Industrial Engineer. Fortunately for me, it turned out to be a great experience because I learned a lot, met some great people, and had fun about every day. Despite these features, which made it a great place for my first co-op, the things I will remember most about my time at Entrotech were the perks that I got to enjoy on a daily basis. The first: it was a great atmosphere to work as everything was clean, comfortable, and modern. The facility included a small workout area, spacious break rooms, and a couple flat screen TVs. Every morning I would be able to come in before eight o’clock, watch a little SportsCenter while brewing my own cup of delicious coffee before starting work. Another great perk was lunch time. Although everybody gets a lunch break, not everyone gets an hour to enjoy their food, some TV, and even some foosball in the game room. Sometimes, there were even company cookouts that included chicken, steak, or burgers. But probably one of the best perks that surprised me the day I walked in and is something that I may never see in another workplace were the free snacks and beverages. The main lunchroom contained cupboards that were generally full of chips, pretzels, and crackers while the fridge was stocked with all kinds of pop, water, lemonade, tea, and even a variety of beer. Although I never drank any beer on the job, this was the ultimate perk as it showed the trust and respect the company had for its employees. Although these perks were great, they were nowhere near the significance of the things I learned during the opportunity at Entrotech."
This is a picture my boss took of me, sleeping during lunch break in what could be one of the world’s most comfortable chairs.
”Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else." 
-James M. Barrie