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Samuel Almeida wins contest for having Ohio's Coolest Co-op Project


ECS and the Ohio Cooperative Education Association (OCEA) recently ran simultaneous “Cool Co-ops Contests” where students with internships and/or co-ops were encouraged to share what made their experience cool—a project, the perks, or the people at the job.  Samuel Almeida won the “Projects” category of the OCEA contest.  He will be recognized at the organization’s annual conference and won a $250 award.  Samuel was also the overall ECS “Cool Co-op Contest” winner.  Read on to learn more about Samuel’s green engineering project and what made it so cool… 

“I co-oped at Honda of America Manufacturing in Marysville, Ohio in the Facilities department. One of the projects I worked on was to design and implement a control algorithm to provide peak efficiency in a dynamic cooling system. This project required me to study and learn subjects of which I had little knowledge, including PLC programming and psychrometrics. It also gave me the satisfaction of having implemented a “green” project, which will save many thousands of kgs of CO2 from being generated. After I had completed the implementation of the algorithm, I was encouraged by my management to enter the project into the Honda North American Technical Festival. I was guided in building a presentation in which I could both highlight my accomplishment and disseminate the information for the algorithm to Honda globally. I was one of three projects selected out of approximately 60 to go on to the second round of competition. At this final round I was able to give my presentation to the CEO of Honda of America Manufacturing as well as many other Honda executives. This project was cool because I was able to learn new things outside of my field of study, I was able to implement control of a system that saved energy and CO2 emissions, and I was able to be the first and only co-op at Honda not only to enter a project into the North American Technical Festival but also to succeed in competition and go on to meet and to present to many Honda executives.”

Samuel standing with CEO Hide Iwata and other Honda Executives after presentation in final round.

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."
-Steve Jobs