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Internships & Co-ops: Welcome the Unexpected!

Today’s post is written by Nick Lazar.  Nick is a senior, graduating this spring in mechanical engineering.  Nick is the President of Kappa Theta Epsilon, the engineering internship and co-op honorary.  He has worked at Lexmark, GE Lighting, and Cameron International.  Today he is sharing his experience from his most recent internship.

My summer internship with Cameron International in City of Industry, California was an amazing experience. Cameron is a Fortune 500 company that deals predominantly with oil and energy, but the plant where I was working dealt primarily with measurement systems and instrumentation.

Coming into the summer, I expected to be performing supply chain oriented work in more of an industrial engineering capacity.  Instead, I was put into a role that dealt with electrical and nuclear engineering, specifically the testing of electronic components.  The change in my role was intimidating at first, but I'm glad it ended up happening!  With a little hard work and a lot of help from my very informed co-workers, I gained a new experience and learned so much about a field I otherwise would never have been exposed to.

I also had the opportunity to present my work in Houston, Texas to all of the higher ups in the company, which was also a bonus. I learned so much this summer and am looking forward to applying what I learned in my future career. Based on my experience, I strongly recommend Cameron, but perhaps more importantly, getting an internship or co-op in general. You gain invaluable experience and learn a lot about yourself and where you're heading in life.

“Too many people miss the silver lining because they're expecting gold.”
-Maurice Setter