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November 2012

Career Wellness

Today's post is written by ECS Graduate Advisor Jillian Baer, who advises intern, co-op, and full-time employment seeking students.

Making the transition from being a student to working a full-time job can be challenging for many individuals.  Once you start working 40 hours (or more) a week, you might find yourself struggling to find balance with the rest of your life.  Below I have included five tips to help bring a bit of balance to your daily routine:

Build downtime into your schedule. During your college years, you were probably accustomed to having ample downtime to spend however you wanted.Once you are responsible at a full time job, this might not be so readily available.Make sure to prioritize activities that help you recharge.If you have plans with your family or friends, or a date night or softball game on your calendar, you’ll have something to … 

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You’ve got a full-time job? How about creating a budget?

Today's post is written by ECS Graduate Advisor Jillian Baer, who advises intern, co-op, and full-time employment seeking students.

With your first “big” job comes your first “big” paycheck.  But it also comes with the question of what to do with all of your hard-earned cash.  It is important to take time now to plan out your budgeting and saving so that you can be successful in the long run.  Here are some helpful tips for creating a budget after landing your first full-time job:

  •  Start by figuring out your take-home pay. 

Most young college graduates don’t realize that they’re actually taking home only about 75% of their paycheck once taxes, Social Security, and 401(k) contributions are factored into the equation.  Make sure to discuss these issues with your employer and utilize online tools (some listed below) to help get a better idea about how … 

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Take this quick quiz:

  1. You have an offer with Company A, but you have not accepted. You have been invited to an interview at Company B but the interview is prior to the deadline for your decision with Company A. Should you go to the interview?

  2. You have already accepted an offer but decide to continue interviewing at other companies because you want to make sure you have made the right decision. Is this proper?

These are the dilemmas many of you might be facing.  So, how did you do on the quiz? The answer to #1 is Yes. It is OK to attend an interview if you have not accepted an offer from another company.  So, obviously that makes the answer to #2 NO.  Once you have accepted an offer, you need to honor that and cancel any upcoming interviews. You have made the decision and  need to … 

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Resources for students seeking academic jobs in engineering

Today's post is written by Dean Pidcock, Engineering Co-op and Internship Program Manager

Are you considering an engineering career in higher education?  There are many online resources to assist you with your academic job search, including:  

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