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Tips for Setting Up a Search Agent in CareerEngine

Today’s post is written by Dean Pidcock, Engineering Co-op and Internship Program Manger

When a student first logs into CareerEngine, it can be a bit overwhelming to see a list of over 2,000 job postings!  CareerEngine is part of the Buckeye Careers Network, which combines all job postings from all colleges at Ohio State into one centralized database.  In order to weed out most of the jobs you are not interested in, it is crucial to create search agents. 

To begin, log into CareerEngine and click the “Jobs” tab followed by “Jobs (for OSU students)”.   Here you will see the master list of all job postings at Ohio State.  Next you will want to pay attention to the two tabs marked “Advanced Search” and “Search Agents”.   Once a search agent has been created, it will be listed under the “Search Agents” tab.  First, you must create a search agent.   To do so, click on the “Advanced Search” tab.  ECS recommends creating two different search agents to ensure you see everything available to your specific major.

To create a search agent, click on the box to the left of “save as:” and then name your search agent.  If you are a mechanical engineering major, you might name your search agent ME 1, for example.   The next option reads “Show Me”.   You will want to stick with the default option of “All Jobs & Interviews”.   Skip down to “Employer Preferred Majors” and select your major.   For “School Affiliation” select “College of Engineering – ECS CareerEngine”.  Skip down to “Position Type” and select either “Career Employment” (if you are graduating and seeking full-time career employment), or select “Co-op, Internship, AND Part-time” (if you are seeking co-op/internship/or part time opportunities).  Please note that many part-time opportunities are for companies in the Columbus area which may allow you to work and attend classes during the same semester.   

The next option reads, “Ignore jobs with ‘All Majors’ selected”.  If you are only interested in positions pertaining to your major, select “Yes”.   Keep in mind that some employers send us job postings and they do not care what your exact major is, but they are looking for anyone with an engineering background because you have strong technical skills.  If you are interested in these additional technical roles, you should select “No” so that the ‘All Majors’ jobs show up in your search agent.  

This concludes the creation of a general search agent.  Simply click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen to submit your search agent. 

Special note for international student in the United States on a student visa:   you will want to pay attention to the next option, “Employer Required Work Authorization”.  Students on a visa should select “Eligible to work with visa sponsorship” to narrow the list down to positions in which the employer indicated visa sponsorship is available.

ECS suggests the creation of a second search agent.   For the second search agent, be sure to “save as” a different file name, such as ME 2.   Keep all options the same as the first search agent, except you will want to delete your major from “Employer Preferred Majors” and instead scroll down to the option “Employer Required Majors” and then select your major here.   Please note that many jobs show up on both search agents for Employer Preferred Majors and Employer Required Majors.  However, some jobs only show up on one search agent or the other and creating two search agents is the only way to ensure you are able to view all postings for your particular major.   

Now if you go back to the menu bar at the top of the screen, you can click “Search Agents” and you will see both search agents you have created.  Click “Run” to run the report of the jobs for each particular search agent.  The search agents stay up to date, so as deadlines pass, jobs disappear from the search agents and as new jobs are added, they will automatically be added to your search agents.

For your convenience, you can have your search agents emailed to you.   Click on the “Schedule” icon and select how often you would like the search agents emailed to you.   ECS recommends setting this to every 3 days.  If you want to only see new results every time the search agent runs, keep the “include only new results” as the default “Yes” option.  Otherwise, click “No”. 

As a general rule, you should use caution when creating search agents.  The database is very finicky and selecting options not mentioned here could result in your search agent not returning any results.   If this happens, follow the instructions again in this blog posting or contact ECS to meet with an advisor.      

 “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”- Confucius