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The Importance of the Information Session

Information sessions are one avenue for companies to get the word out at OSU about who they are and what they are all about. Companies of all sizes hold these events for students, but they can be especially important for companies who may not be household names. It is always a good idea for you to take advantage of this valuable time with a company, especially if you’re interested in potential job opportunities. 

So what can you expect from an information session? Well, the short answer is…great information about a company! There is only so much one can learn from perusing a website or reading a pamphlet. Sometimes it takes interacting with employees to get a good feel for not only the potential opportunities available, but also for the company culture, which is sometimes just as important as the job itself. Sometimes companies will incorporate a few additional components to their session, including “tech talks,” resume reviews, interview tips, or perhaps a Q & A session with OSU alumni who currently work at their company. These perspectives can help students determine their interest level in the company.

If you have scheduled an interview with a company who is holding an information session, it is normally expected of you to be in attendance. This shows the employer that you have a strong interest in the company, and it also is a chance for you to gain some additional information that you may not get in the interview. Keep in mind that information sessions are often an employer’s first impression of you, so it is a good idea to dress professionally—business casual is great! Also, come prepared with some good questions so you have an opportunity to interact with the company representatives. Bring some copies of your resume as well—some companies that are interviewing on-campus will leave interview slots open for candidates they meet at their information session. Above all—don’t be shy! Company reps are expecting to interact with students and to share their experiences and knowledge with them. They will be more likely to remember a student who took the initiative to chat with them and not one who sat in the back and didn’t say a word.

Remember that all information session details that have been shared with our office can be found in your CareerEngine job search account. Simply log in and click on your “Events” tab, then “Information Sessions.” There you can review the details and RSVP to the ones you are interested in attending.

As always, if you have any questions regarding information sessions, please do not hesitate to contact the ECS front desk at 614-294-6651 or

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Krysta Kirsch

Krysta Kirsch is a Previous On-Campus Recruiting Coordinator at Engineering Career Services.