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Changes to Your ECS Job Search Account

Today's post is written by Rachel Kaschner, the ECS Student Services Manager, who oversees graduating and graduate student services in Engineering Career Services.  

Perhaps you’ve logged in recently to your ECS Job Search Account (aka “CareerEngine”) and noticed a few changes?  ECS has spent the summer—and is still making modifications—to the online job search system.  You may remember us notifying you of this upcoming change in the spring.  In a nutshell, in the spirit of “one university”, all OSU career services offices merged job search systems to provide more consistency regarding students’ job opportunities. 

The software being used for CareerEngine is the same as the old version; however, there are some distinct differences in the version being used.  Here are some of the changes you will notice…

  • You’ll now log in to your CareerEngine job search account the same way you login to Buckeye Link, using your lastname.# and your OSU password.
  • When you initially login to the new system, you won’t be able to proceed with your job search until you complete your profile—which essentially includes updating your contact and academic information.
  • Beginning Fall Semester, you will activate your CareerEngine account using the Semester Activation Link (SAL)—previously known as the Quarterly Activation Form (QAF).  The SAL link will be located on the “Home” page of your CareerEngine account. 
  • There is now a “Document Library” in the “Resources” section in your account.  This is comprised of any job search related documents that ECS thinks you could benefit from. For example:  resume templates, cover letter samples, documents with helpful job search links, interview tips, etc.  These resources existed before, however, now they are all consolidated in one place for your convenience. 
  • In the “Events” tab, you will now see “Information Sessions” and “Workshops” that are not just for engineering students—but also ones that are open to any major and being put on by other career services offices.  For example, Arts & Sciences offers several workshops targeting students who would like to work for the Federal Government—you will be able to view and RSVP for these opportunities. 
  • The “Jobs” tab now has two options—“Jobs (for OSU students)” and “Jobs (through NACE)”.
    • “Jobs (for OSU students)” is similar to the “Jobs” tab in the old system, however, now instead of seeing only engineering opportunities posted specifically for OSU students, you are now seeing ALL opportunities posted for ALL OSU students—regardless of major.  To maximize your time spent looking for opportunities, utilize the search criteria to narrow your scope to engineering and also set up search agents. 
    • “Jobs (through NACE)” is a new job search link integrated into your CareerEngine account.  NACE is the “National Association of Colleges & Employers” and this job board is powered by the US Department of Labor.  Utilizing this search tool will expand your options beyond postings just for OSU students—but also increase your competition (as you are now vying for jobs that have a broader applicant pool). 

ECS recommends utilizing BOTH “Jobs (for OSU students)” and “Jobs (through NACE)”—but focusing your primary efforts on “Jobs (for OSU       students)” as the application process is much quicker, the opportunities are targeted for Ohio State students, and your competition is significantly smaller.

ECS appreciates your continued patience as we strive to make the updated system work for engineering students.  We hope that you will find the new system easy to use—and certainly, if you have any questions, please let us know! 

"We can not change the inevitable.  The only thing we can do is play the one string we have, and that is our attitude."
-Charles Swindoll



About the author

Rachel Kaschner

Rachel Kaschner is the Assistant Director at Engineering Career Services.