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June 2012

The Benefits of Social Media in Your Job Search

Following the last blog entry, you should now be aware of the potential detriment of irresponsible social media usage during your job search. Inappropriate profiles and postings can even cost you a job! But this doesn’t mean that you have to go on a mass deletion spree. Social media sites can actually be a benefit to you if used properly. Many companies are creating Facebook fan pages to get the word out to consumers and even using Twitter to promote special events or products. In fact, some large companies have entire departments dedicated to social media.

Today we’ll focus on LinkedIn—a social networking site that many consider the professional equivalent to Facebook. Your profile on this site is essentially your resume, and you can network with others though varying channels.

In an article published in the OSU newspaper, The Lantern, Pierce (2012) quotes Steven Redd, a Public Affairs student … 

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