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Resume Spring Cleaning

Today’s blog is written by ECS graduate advisor, Tara McCarron…

Spring is in the air! Before you get excited about hitting Oval Beach, remember periodically refreshing your resume throughout the year is an easy way to track your accomplishments and improve your job search. So start the quarter right and make your first spring cleanup project your resume.

Here are few questions and tips to help you update your resume:


  • Do you have any new work experience to add to my resume? – This could be internship or co-op or even work unrelated to engineering. If you’ve co-oped or interned, make these experiences stand out by listing them near the top of your resume and using action verbs to describe your accomplishments.

  • What is your most recent GPA? – Be sure to update your GPA at the beginning of each academic term. Don’t forget to add if you’ve made Dean’ List.

  • Have you completed any new engineering projects? –A project experience section is a great way to highlight what you’ve learned in engineering. Use the CAR or STAR format to guide your content, being sure to include technical skills that you’ve gained and positive results from your efforts.

  • What are you doing outside of class? – Employers like to see when students are engaged outside the classroom. Keep track of your co-curricular experience by including information about student organizations, leadership roles, and volunteer experiences.

  • Are your dates accurate? – Take a minute to review the dates on your resume. Typically, all information should be formatted consistently and listed in reverse chronological order (the most recent first).

  • Are you using an appropriate verb tense? – When writing descriptions, remember to use the present tense for any position that you currently hold and past tense for any position or project you have already completed.

  • Have you proof-read your resume? – Spell check isn’t perfect so take some time thoroughly look through your resume to correct possible spelling and grammatical errors.




Keep in mind that students are always welcome to schedule a resume review with the ECS by stopping by our office at 199 Hitchcock or calling (614) 292-6651.

"You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call 'failure' is not the falling down, but the staying down."
-Mary Pickford


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