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April 2012

Don't be discouraged, technical interviewers expect you to fail

Today's blog post is written by Ohio State alum, Nathan Stuller, who has a degree in Computer & Information Science. He's currently a programming consultant living in Cincinnati who primarily focuses on Microsoft technology. He has over nine years of experience developing, designing, and supporting enterprise software systems has come from a variety of roles, including Fortune 500 companies such as Procter & Gamble and Charter Communications as well as software start-ups. Nathan will be providing tips on how to keep your cool during a technical interview...

Do not strive to “ace” a technical interview. To try to do so would be flawed thinking because:


  • Trying to be perfect is stressful

  • It is not necessary to get the job

  • The interviewer is trying to stump you




Consider this, interviewers challenge many candidates and have a great deal of experience evaluating responses. They are trained to increase … 

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Resume Spring Cleaning

Today’s blog is written by ECS graduate advisor, Tara McCarron…

Spring is in the air! Before you get excited about hitting Oval Beach, remember periodically refreshing your resume throughout the year is an easy way to track your accomplishments and improve your job search. So start the quarter right and make your first spring cleanup project your resume.

Here are few questions and tips to help you update your resume:


  • Do you have any new work experience to add to my resume? – This could be internship or co-op or even work unrelated to engineering. If you’ve co-oped or interned, make these experiences stand out by listing them near the top of your resume and using action verbs to describe your accomplishments.

  • What is your most recent GPA? – Be sure to update your GPA at the beginning of each academic term. Don’t forget to add if you’ve made … 
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Why do I have to activate (aka unblock) my account every quarter?

“Activating” or “unblocking” your job search account should be done the first week of every quarter (soon to be semesters). Activating early in the quarter ensures that you don’t miss out on job opportunities. The benefits of being an active candidate are twofold:

1) You can submit your resume to on-campus interview opportunities and job postings through the ECS job search system.

2) Should employers be inclined to pull resumes from the job search system (or contact ECS to do so), yours will be included if you match up with the qualities they are seeking.

The bottom line: If your account is unblocked, you are visible to employers and can engage in a proactive job search. If you are blocked, you are essentially invisible to employers and won’t get very far obtaining an internship, co-op, full-time or part-time job.

Activating your account is comprised of two quick and painless steps … 

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