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March 2012

What does this button do? Making the most of your job search account

At the beginning of each term, students upload an updated resume and unblock their job search account to apply to co-op, internship, part-time and full-time job postings. In addition to hitting the “Apply” button, are you getting the most use out of your job search account? Here are a few ECS tools within your job search account that you can use to maximize your efforts:

- Shortcuts: These are not fillers for our front page; they’re really effective tools for your job search outside of ECS! Resources like and are aggregate websites that scour the Internet for job postings – the Google-like results of these search engines take you directly to the job posting on the employer’s web page, which is convenient and saves time.

- NACE Salary Calculator: Does your job application ask that you provide a “Desired Salary”? In every single job posting in … 

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Recruiters' feedback on OSU engineering students' interviewing skills

When recruiters come on campus to interview, we ask them to give us feedback on individual candidates and on our students in general. We then email students with individual feedback. I wanted to share some general comments with you.

We ask, “How can our students improve their interview skills?”

Answers from our employers:

  • Prepare for behavioral questions that are in the ECS Student Handbook.

  • Fairly pleased with the interviewing skills.

  • Practice!

  • Research the companies you are interviewing with and develop a career path.

  • Their skills are very good compared to what I’ve experienced.

  • Try not to use the same example for the multitude of questions asked.

  • Be more excited, get involved, and improve resumes!

  • Have solid, prepared questions.

  • Bring materials with you – resumes, examples of work, etc…

  • Familiarity with STAR interviewing. Be able to describe your individual role in a project (not just “we”).

  • Make answers more relevant to … 
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Be Prepared for Interview Emergencies

Today's blog is written by ECS graduate advisor, Tara McCarron...

Interviews are an opportunity to put your best foot forward and make a positive first impression on a company you hope to work for. Part of making a positive first impression includes presenting a polished appearance with appropriate attire. I recommend putting together an “Interview Emergency Kit” to help you overcome potential wardrobe malfunctions.

What to include:


  • A small shoe shine and repair kit…it’s so easy to scuff your shoes walking up or down stairs. Nasty weather could muck up your shoes too.

  • A sewing kit…in case you lose a button.

  • A few safety pins and some mending tape…if you are not sure what mending tape is, it’s similar to two-sided tape. It works great in holding up hems that have come down or sleeves that are too long. The sleeve can be folded under and mending tape can … 
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