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What your ECS job search account can do for you; Part I

Are you considering registering with ECS? There are many benefits that come with registration…one of these benefits includes access to a job search system…which is exclusive to OSU engineering students. Using our convenient web-based services will greatly expand your co-op, internship, and/or full-time prospects. Benefits include (but are not limited to!):

On-campus interviews: Hundreds of employers visit ECS annually to interview engineering students. Registered students can research employers and schedule on-campus interviews with just a few clicks. Employers who come to campus to interview engineering students are specifically seeking talent from OSU. In addition, many of these recruiters are OSU alumni who want to hire from their Alma Mater.

Job postings specifically targeting Ohio State engineering students: Some employers aren’t able to come to campus to conduct on-campus interviews, so instead they will post opportunities in the job search database. These employers are specifically targeting Ohio State engineering students. It’s true they may be targeting students from other campuses as well, however, you’re seeing the job for a reason if it is in your job search account…OSU engineering students are of interest to them.

Many of the larger commercialized online job boards (Monster, Career Builder, etc.) do not target a specific segment of the population, let alone engineering students from Ohio State…which means you are competing against a lot more candidates. Statistically, you have a better chance of finding employment via your ECS job search account than any other jobs databases that exist on the internet.

Resume referral service: When you register, you upload a current copy of your resume into the job search system. All company contacts who work with ECS have employer accounts that allow them to log into our database and conduct resume searches. If you match the criteria an employer is looking for, it’s likely you will be contacted directly by the employer --- even if they have not posted a job opportunity in our database.

Similarly, some employers contact ECS directly requesting student resumes and ECS staff members will submit your resume on your behalf if it matches the employer’s specified criteria (major, GPA, degree level, etc.). It’s possible to be contacted directly by an employer about a job interview even though you have never applied for a position with a company. ECS works behind the scenes on your behalf to assist you in obtaining opportunities.

In the reasons above aren’t enough to encourage you to register with ECS, consider this….

In 2010, 93% of OSU engineering grads who reported full-time employment had used Engineering Career Services.

As you can see, Engineering Career Services is here to help you with your job search. Be sure to register as soon as possible so you do not miss out on winter quarter on-campus interviewing opportunities!

“It takes a certain level of aspiration before one can take advantage of opportunities that are clearly offered.”
-Michael Harrington


Authored by Dean Pidcock.