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View from the front desk: Developing job search skills takes time and patience

Two of the most frequent questions I get at the Engineering Career Services’ front desk are:

“Is it too late for a summer internship?” Short answer: No. True answer: The sooner in the school year you start looking, the greater your opportunities.

“Can you help me find a job?” Short answer: Yes. True answer: We can help as much as you are willing to seek help and are the earlier you look the better your chances.

Don’t wait until you are about to graduate to learn job search skills. Just like any skill, looking for a job improves with practice and patience. Start as soon as you can and keep a steady pace.

What happens if you fall behind the recommended path and have to catch up? I can relate to this happening with regards to parenting. My 5th grade daughter can’t ride a bike. I was too busy to teach her when she was younger (and lighter!); however, I am not going to give up. We will work all spring and do whatever it takes to help her learn to balance.

You shouldn’t give up if you are behind in your job search either. Get moving! If you are a co-op or intern candidate, get registered, create your resume, and start using your job search account to apply to jobs! Do it now as an undergraduate seeking work experience before graduation. You have flexibility and numerous opportunities. Don’t miss out.

Are you graduating soon? Many students have jobs BEFORE graduation—as early as six months before graduation! We have many resources to help you. Please put in the time and effort to use as many as possible to help you practice and strengthen your skills. Start today and work at a steady pace so that you don’t have to play catch-up.

It may never be too late, but it is definitely never too early.

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started."
-Mark Twain


About the author

Effie Patitsas

Effie Patitsas is the Engineering Career Services Office Manager.