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January 2012

What your ECS job search account can do for you; Part I

Are you considering registering with ECS? There are many benefits that come with registration…one of these benefits includes access to a job search system…which is exclusive to OSU engineering students. Using our convenient web-based services will greatly expand your co-op, internship, and/or full-time prospects. Benefits include (but are not limited to!):

On-campus interviews: Hundreds of employers visit ECS annually to interview engineering students. Registered students can research employers and schedule on-campus interviews with just a few clicks. Employers who come to campus to interview engineering students are specifically seeking talent from OSU. In addition, many of these recruiters are OSU alumni who want to hire from their Alma Mater.

Job postings specifically targeting Ohio State engineering students: Some employers aren’t able to come to campus to conduct on-campus interviews, so instead they will post opportunities in the job search database. These employers are specifically targeting Ohio State engineering students. It’s … 

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View from the front desk: Developing job search skills takes time and patience

Two of the most frequent questions I get at the Engineering Career Services’ front desk are:

“Is it too late for a summer internship?” Short answer: No. True answer: The sooner in the school year you start looking, the greater your opportunities.

“Can you help me find a job?” Short answer: Yes. True answer: We can help as much as you are willing to seek help and are the earlier you look the better your chances.

Don’t wait until you are about to graduate to learn job search skills. Just like any skill, looking for a job improves with practice and patience. Start as soon as you can and keep a steady pace.

What happens if you fall behind the recommended path and have to catch up? I can relate to this happening with regards to parenting. My 5th grade daughter can’t ride a bike. I was too busy to … 

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Hiring Outlook for 2012

Hope you are having a happy new year! I thought we would kick off 2012 by taking a look at the job market. Every year the Midwest Association of Colleges and Employers releases a report called “Recruiting Trends”—this year’s report provides information from 3,700 employers related to their hiring intentions for 2012. Here are some key points from the report that you might find interesting....

  • Hiring across all degrees will go up 4% in 2012, with Bachelors hiring up 7% this year.

  • Accounting, most engineering disciplines, finance, and supply chain are expected to do well this year.

  • No sector appears stronger than agriculture/food processing with a 14% + increase in hires.

  • CSE majors are still in strong demand in nearly every sector, and the supply of graduates will not be sufficient to fill all available positions.

  • Employers emphasize candidate’s flexibility. Those willing to take on new assignments, shift jobs … 
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