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A successful summer job experience starts with SAFETY

Today we're featuring workplace safety expertise from Carmen LaTorre, an Advanced Engineer from Owens Corning Science & Tehcnology...

This is a very exciting month! The start of the wonderful summer weather also means the start of fun and challenging internships and full-time jobs for many Ohio State engineering students.

During your first week on the job you will most likely be given some type of safety orientation. Right now when you think of workplace safety, what comes to mind? A pair of safety glasses and some ear plugs? How about a lab coat and gloves? Or perhaps steel toed shoes and a hard hat?

While these may be the most familiar and common safety items you will hear about and use during your work experience, the irony is that personal protective equipment (PPE) is the VERY LAST line of defense in a proactive safety culture. The primary objective is identifying … 

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View from the front desk: Is it too late for an internship?

The main question here at the front desk for the past two weeks has been “is it too late for an internship?” The answer is both yes and no. Most students have asked this question because they are seeking a position for this summer. Now. June. Except for maybe one or two summer job seekers who get very lucky, it is too late for June. Many student s with internships began their job search in September of 2010. Some might have started prepping in June 2010.

Consider this coming autumn, winter, spring and next summer for internship/co-op rotations. One thing I can guarantee is that if you don’t prepare and refine a resume, as well as look for and actively apply to jobs that fit your skills, you will not find a position. Why not start looking for next summer’s (or other term) internship right now? Polish your resume and … 

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Co-op Spotlight, Pt. II

Joel Wotowiec at Oshkosh CorporationJoel Wotowiec at Oshkosh CorporationToday the Job Blog is highlighting another OSU engineering student's internship/co-op experience. Today's “cool co-op”, Joel Wotowiec, is a former MSE student who graduated this past fall. Joel worked at Oshkosh’s what he had to say about his experience working on "big trucks NOT baby clothes"...

"I had the opportunity to spend 14 months on an extended internship with Oshkosh Corporation in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. People first asked me how I would use my Materials Science and Engineering background to make Oshkosh B’Gosh overalls, but they were sorely mistaken. Oshkosh Corporation designs and builds the world’s toughest specialty trucks for military, fire and emergency, concrete placement, refuse hauling, access/construction equipment, and snow removal markets. I worked in the Materials and Process Engineering group which served the entire corporation, thus allowing me to work on different projects daily. Typical projects included performing failure analysis, corrosion … 

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The Application Abyss

"I haven’t heard anything from my applications!"

We hear this often. Occasionally, employers will alert ECS to something notably bad, but fortunately that’s rare. (We’ll let you know if we hear something about you!) The only feedback we regularly get is from kind-hearted employers who give us interview feedback from time to time – that’s generally couched in terms of interview improvements that could be made. (Again, we’ll let you know.)

Years ago, employers did send out rejection letters. (But that was when students actually sent – by mail – cover letters and resumes for each job.) Today, employers are simply not going to take the time to let rejected applicants know why they didn’t match. (So…you clicked a “submit” button and selected your resume from a pop-menu, but think the employer should send personalized notes to all 120 unsuccessful applicants?) At the very least, doing so would … 

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Spring has sprung - refresh your job search with

Indeed is a job search site I was recently introduced to by a student. Much like DirectEmployers, the opening page has simple search criteria: “What” and “Where” followed by the “Find Jobs” button to launch the search. There’s also an “Advanced Job Search” link which allows you to refine your search with keywords, job type, geographical preference, etc. If you have specific geographical interests, this section lets you to search jobs within a chosen radius of particular city. For example, you can search for jobs within a 50-mile radius of Columbus. (Note: If you use the advanced search--“Show jobs of type”--section to look for full-time or internship positions, be sure to try the basic search agent as well to make sure you’re seeing all relevant results.)

Below are a few suggestions of search terms and “key words” (yes, try your search terms in quotation marks to narrow results):


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