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Why You Should Check Out Employer Locator

The ECS website has a plethora of resources regarding resumes, the job search, interview strategies, etc. Some students have specific locations preferences, whether it’s close to home or trying out a different state through a job opportunity. Instead of looking at companies and hoping they have a site in your desired geographical area, it may be more helpful to perform a location search as it relates to your field of interest to see what opportunities may be available.

That’s where Employer Locator comes in!

Employer Locator allows you to search nearly 12 million employers and find contact information and maps to potential employers. Using the website, you can conduct searches by: Industry, Occupation, Location, and Keyword. As an engineering student, you might find the “Occupation” option most helpful. After clicking “Search by Occupation” tab, select a state, then select “Architecture and Engineering”.

The “Occupation” page lists 35 types of engineers. When using this resource, be sure to try multiple searches relating to various titles that may fall under your major (e.g. a Mechanical Engineering student may consider the following options: Mechanical Drafters, Mechanical Engineering Technicians, or Mechanical Engineers). The next page, “Industry Group”, might be more tailored than you originally expected your search to be, or maybe it will help you find the dream company you’ve been looking for! Don’t limit your search to one set of options…click around and see the various opportunities that are available in different industries. Use the “Previous” button to take a step back and try new options.

Next, choose a “Region”. Again, be sure to try multiple options to see what’s available and consider adjacent regions to your geographic preference. From the “Region” page, you’ll go to the “Cities” page – where you can choose up to FIVE city selections (this includes suburbs of metro areas as well).

The final result will include a list of relevant employers with links that provide information about each company, including a website and phone number. Not all companies recruit directly through a university like Ohio State, so job seekers need to take initiative by researching the company’s website (and applying on their website, if possible) and contacting employers directly to ask about available opportunities, politely, of course!

Employer Locator:

(Employer Locator is also listed in the “Student Resources” tab on the ECS page within the “Company Research Links” link. Be sure to explore other resources we have available on this page for other employer information.)

"Education is knowing where to go to find out what you need to know; and it's knowing how to use the information you get."
-William Feather

Authored by Jena Pugh.