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October 2011

It's almost Halloween... don't let your job search scare you!

Did you know 85% of OSU engineering students that had full-time jobs at graduation had internship or co-op experience before they graduated? Related work experience is THAT important…even more important than your GPA (though that helps too). Let’s be honest…a job doesn't just magically happen, it takes TIME. And time is not something engineering students have a lot of—though a job search doesn’t have to be scary! Here are some tips for getting the most out of your efforts.

  • Activate your job search account the week before the new quarter starts EVERY quarter that you are looking. Unblocking (aka “activating”) your account consists of uploading your updated resume and submitting the Quarterly Activation Form. It essentially tells employers “I am looking for a job”—it allows you to apply for positions through the job search system AND it allows employers to pull your resume from the database should they be so … 
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The semester transition & tips for your job search

The switch from quarters to semesters will certainly have an impact on how you approach your job search, whether you are looking for co-op/intern opportunities, or a full-time job. Here are some helpful tips to help you make the most of the switch:

  1. Know your options in terms of timing. Have a few quarters or semesters in mind where you might be able to fit in a co-op or internship. Talk to your academic advisor about your plans and think about your course planning options. For seniors, know the exact month in which you will graduate and plan your job search around that date. Be ready to share this information with an employer in an interview, at a career fair, or a networking event.

  2. Start your job search early. Fall is the best time for a graduating senior to secure a job before graduation. Employers are already posting internship jobs … 
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Resumania Humor

This has been an intense week. With on-campus recruitment in full swing and 220 employers attending EXPO, I'm sure you've been spending your free time updating your resume, practicing your elevator pitch, applying to jobs, and attending company information sessions (at least that's what I hope you have been doing!). I thought we'd lighten the mood on the ECS Job Blog and share some humorous resume blunders taken from some unfortunate job seekers' resumes (taken from Resumania)…enjoy!

"INTERESTS: Chess, soccer, cricket bowling."
Crickets can bowl?

"JOB HISTORY: Restaurant manager. Cleaned and supervised employees."
That is clearly going above and beyond the call of duty.

"OBJECTIVE: I am looking for a challenging career where there is scope for ample demonstration because I am always on the lookout for a positive and bigger outlook, currency and ideas which thrive on imagination, passion and boundless curiosity and rigorous thinking." … 

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2011 Fall On-Campus Recruiting Preview

Autumn Quarter is the ideal time to take advantage of the services offered by ECS--including the opportunities to interview for internships, co-ops, and full-time jobs through the ECS office. Fall is the peak recruiting time for employers who interview on campus. Many recruiters who utilize on-campus interviewing do so in the months of October and November. In fact, ECS has 100+ companies coming here to interview students during these two months alone! Over 60% of all on-campus interviews that take place in the year will occur in the months of October and November. The majority of the other 40% will occur in January, February and March.

If you have not registered with our office, now is the time to do so. You do not want these key on-campus interviewing opportunities to pass you by. While job postings occur regularly throughout the year, on-campus interviewing is seasonal. Application deadlines for the … 

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