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When to include a cover letter

When should you include a cover letter? Targeted cover letters (if written correctly) can enhance your application and pinpoint what qualifications you have that an employer is seeking for a particular position (a one-size-fits-all approach is not the route to take!). However, not every application requires a cover letter—in fact, in some instances; employers would prefer not to receive one. It’s likely you will be submitting materials for three types of applications...

Within your ECS Job Search Account:

  1. “P” types (“Preselects” also known as on-campus interviewing opportunities): For on-campus interviews, employers like being able to interview many candidates in a relatively short time frame. Since one of their goals is efficiency, we don’t recommend including a cover letter when applying—in fact your job search account only allows you to submit a resume.

  2. “J” types (“Job Listings” which are opportunities where an employer cannot make it on campus to interview, so they will likely be conducting phone or site interviews): For job listings, you have the option of including “notes” along with your resume (notice the empty white text box when you go to apply). Although we don’t recommend a full blown cover letter, for these postings, it may be helpful to include a one (concise, error-free) paragraph statement about why you are a great fit for that particular job.



Outside of your ECS Job Search Account:


  1. External postings on a company’s website or job board: Since you are competing against more applicants (rather than just other OSU engineering students in your major within your ECS Job Search Account), a tailored cover letter can make you stand out among the competition. If you have the ability to upload “additional documents”, a cover letter should be included.



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"If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?"
-John Wooden


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