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Graduate Students & Internships

Are you a current graduate student? Are you an undergraduate student who is planning on attending graduate school after you have earned your BS Degree? Graduate study provides students with additional opportunities at completing internships.

As is the case with undergraduate internships, students must plan ahead. If, for example, you are a senior graduating in June 2012, fall is a great time to begin applying for an internship that will take place during the summer months between your BS graduation and the beginning of graduate study. When creating an objective statement, it is a good idea to inform the employer that you are seeking a summer internship prior to beginning graduate study in the fall. This way, the employer knows why someone who has already earned a BS degree is looking for an internship opportunity.

Facts about grad students & internships:

  • From summer 2009-2011, 185 work terms have been reported to ECS from graduate students

  • GPA’s are high for those students (average 3.72)

  • Mix of international and US students

  • Majority of these opportunities occur during the summer term



Internship and full time job search strategies do not differ dramatically from each other for graduate students. Employers often have higher expectations for graduate students during the interview process. Be prepared to market your specialized skill set – if they want grad students, then they are expecting something unique or advanced to appear in your resume and in your interview answers. When applying, be sure to utilize proper resume formats for graduate students and get help from ECS advisors.

By utilizing available time outside of the classroom, such as the summer term, graduate students can find successful, rewarding internships that will provide skills that will help with the full-time job search. Remember to start your internship search early and plan ahead!

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”
-Mark Twain



Authored by Dean Pidcock.