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September 2011

Graduate Students & Internships

Are you a current graduate student? Are you an undergraduate student who is planning on attending graduate school after you have earned your BS Degree? Graduate study provides students with additional opportunities at completing internships.

As is the case with undergraduate internships, students must plan ahead. If, for example, you are a senior graduating in June 2012, fall is a great time to begin applying for an internship that will take place during the summer months between your BS graduation and the beginning of graduate study. When creating an objective statement, it is a good idea to inform the employer that you are seeking a summer internship prior to beginning graduate study in the fall. This way, the employer knows why someone who has already earned a BS degree is looking for an internship opportunity.

Facts about grad students & internships:

  • From summer 2009-2011, 185 work terms have been reported … 
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When to include a cover letter

When should you include a cover letter? Targeted cover letters (if written correctly) can enhance your application and pinpoint what qualifications you have that an employer is seeking for a particular position (a one-size-fits-all approach is not the route to take!). However, not every application requires a cover letter—in fact, in some instances; employers would prefer not to receive one. It’s likely you will be submitting materials for three types of applications...

Within your ECS Job Search Account:

  1. “P” types (“Preselects” also known as on-campus interviewing opportunities): For on-campus interviews, employers like being able to interview many candidates in a relatively short time frame. Since one of their goals is efficiency, we don’t recommend including a cover letter when applying—in fact your job search account only allows you to submit a resume.

  2. “J” types (“Job Listings” which are opportunities where an employer cannot make it on campus to interview, so … 
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