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June 2011

A successful summer job experience starts with SAFETY

Today we're featuring workplace safety expertise from Carmen LaTorre, an Advanced Engineer from Owens Corning Science & Tehcnology...

This is a very exciting month! The start of the wonderful summer weather also means the start of fun and challenging internships and full-time jobs for many Ohio State engineering students.

During your first week on the job you will most likely be given some type of safety orientation. Right now when you think of workplace safety, what comes to mind? A pair of safety glasses and some ear plugs? How about a lab coat and gloves? Or perhaps steel toed shoes and a hard hat?

While these may be the most familiar and common safety items you will hear about and use during your work experience, the irony is that personal protective equipment (PPE) is the VERY LAST line of defense in a proactive safety culture. The primary objective is identifying … 

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View from the front desk: Is it too late for an internship?

The main question here at the front desk for the past two weeks has been “is it too late for an internship?” The answer is both yes and no. Most students have asked this question because they are seeking a position for this summer. Now. June. Except for maybe one or two summer job seekers who get very lucky, it is too late for June. Many student s with internships began their job search in September of 2010. Some might have started prepping in June 2010.

Consider this coming autumn, winter, spring and next summer for internship/co-op rotations. One thing I can guarantee is that if you don’t prepare and refine a resume, as well as look for and actively apply to jobs that fit your skills, you will not find a position. Why not start looking for next summer’s (or other term) internship right now? Polish your resume and … 

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