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April 2011

Co-op Spotlight, Pt. I

Eamon KelleyEamon KelleyYou might be wondering what an engineering student does during an internship or a co-op. Well look no further than the ECS Job Blog! Today we are featuring our first "cool co-op", Eamon Kelly--a current OSU ME student--who worked for Cedar Fair Entertainment Company. Here's what Eamon had to say about his experience "Fixing the Biggest, Baddest, and Most Intense Roller Coasters in the World"...

What's more intense than riding one of the world's tallest roller coasters? Riding an elevator 425 feet to the top to inspect it. As an intern at Cedar Point, it was my job to inspect and repair the roller coasters of the park, including Top Thrill Dragster, Millennium Force, Maverick, Raptor, and the rest. From inspecting the hardware on the trains to the equipment on the lifts, I got the experience of a lifetime, learning the intricate details of how the biggest and … 

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Rosemary Hill Retiring

Rosemary Hill & Dave Tatman, General MotorsRosemary Hill & Dave Tatman, General MotorsRosemary Hill, Director of Engineering Career Services at Ohio State University, will retire as of April 30, 2011. She has worked for the College of Engineering since 1989, initially leading the Engineering Cooperative Education and Internship Program; she has held her current position as Director of Engineering Career Services since 1999. Her background includes over thirty years of professional experience in college career services, cooperative education, and corporate college recruiting.

Under her direction, the Engineering Co-op and Internship Program more than doubled in size and both undergraduate and graduate student use of the Engineering Career Services increased significantly; 87 percent of BS graduates now register with the office, while MS and PhD student use has more than doubled. More than three quarters of those employed by graduation report that an ECS service was their employment source. More than 70 percent of undergraduates report … 

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Avoid Job Search Scams

There are many job search sites on the Internet. Many are beneficial to candidates seeking employment. However, job search scams do exist and it is important for job seekers to take the necessary precautions to avoid such scams. The World Privacy Forum states, “Job scams are fake job ads…that seek to lure job seekers to give up personal data and/or perform a fake job.”

  • Avoid job search sites that say they will “guarantee employment”. No one can guarantee you employment! If a job search site says it can guarantee employment, it should be a red flag to you that something isn’t right with this resource.

  • Be cautious of fee-based employment services. Some employment services might say they will give you your money back if they cannot find a job for you. However, you should read the fine-print carefully. Make sure you understand the terms of the contract before you … 
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Handling unwanted job offers

So – you’ve got a job offer, but you’re just not sure you if want it. What should you do?


Whatever you do, avoid the most common mistakes: accepting even if you’re pretty sure you don’t want it , thinking you’ll keep looking until you find something you really like, or simplynot responding because you feel awkward turning it down.By making either of these mistakes, you may be blocking what might be the perfect opportunity for another Ohio State student.



Here’s what you should do.



First of all, you don’t need to accept (or decline) on the spot – but you do need to respond promptly.Whether the offer comes via phone or email, get back to the employer within 24 hours if possible.



“Thanks very much for the job offer! When do you need my answer? After I’ve had a little … 

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