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Jobs to Junk (Make sure you receive your offers!)

Did you know that many employers will e-mail your offer letters? That's right! E-mail has become the standard method of communication for things like interview invitations, offer letters, HR pre-employment forms, job details, and other paperwork associated with your job search.

Most students opt to use their OSU e-mail address, which we enourage because it's a professional, standard e-mail address; however, because OSU has a very sophisticated anti-spam filter system, some messages (even those from legitimate sources, like employers or ECS) can go right into the trash. If an employer is sending out a message to several students at once, for example, invitations to interview, these messages are more susceptible to the anti-spam filter because it risks being seen as a solicitation. We've also noticed that messages sent from Blackberries will often end up in junk mail.

Additionally, employers with messages containing unusual words (for example, bio, human, request, devices) can be trapped by the filter as well because these words are often associated with less than desirable advertisements for various adult products. This type of filtering is a blessing and a curse - sure, you'll get less of those annoying ads, but you also run the risk of missing out on a great opportunity!
Best practices for avoiding the "jobs to junk" issue:

  • Check your junk mailbox often! If you are waiting on an interview invitation or job offer, be diligent about opening up that junk mailbox on a regular basis.

  • Once you catch an employer's message going to junk, flag that address as "safe" in your e-mail system.

  • If you have e-mails forwarded from your OSU address to another account, be sure to log into the OSU system from time to time to check the junk box there as well (these messages won't make it out of your OSU filter and into the secondary e-mail account if it went to junk).

  • Inform ECS of the issue, if you notice this occurring frequently (



The OSU IT Help Desk offers the following tips to help you work with your anti-spam protection more effectively:

What kind of anti-spam protection does Buckeye Mail offer?

Buckeye Mail has its own spam filters and virus protections. Messages sent to will be scanned and filtered automatically. Detected viruses will be deleted, and suspected spam will be placed in your Junk folder for you to review. It is important to periodically check your Junk folder to avoid missing a real message mistakenly marked as spam.

In addition to this, mail sent to will also be scanned and filtered by the OSU central anti-spam system, where you can use a pre-configured "basic" level of protection, or you can personalize the system to better recognize what you do and don't consider spam, and trap or reject messages accordingly. See Anti-Spam Service: Why use it? Introduction and Article Index for more information, and links to get started.

"Opportunities are never lost; someone will take the one you miss."
-Andy Rooney


Authored by Rachel Ligman.

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