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Improve your interview skills with InterviewStream!

Would you like to find a way to tune up your interviewing skills? Look no further than your ECS job search account! We recently incorporated an exciting new feature, InterviewStream, into students' individual job search accounts...which means you can start practicing sample interview questions today. InterviewStream uses a webcam to simulate interviewing online for job seekers to practice both verbal and non-verbal communication skills. You can use the tool anytime it's convenient for you and anywhere you have access to a webcam-so no appointments are needed. To get started, just follow these easy steps:

1. On the "Home" page of your job search account, click on "Interview Stream"-then click "Conduct Interview."
2. Select the set of interview questions you would like to practice. There are standard and behavioral questions, as well as more specialized areas.
3. Test your webcam and audio to ensure your interview is recorded properly-this takes only a few seconds.
4. Respond to the interview questions.

Following the interview, you will be able to observe your behavior and evaluate your answers. In addition, you can request feedback from an ECS advisor on your strengths and areas that could be improved. InterviewStream also has handy resources such as an interviewing webinar, print materials, and short videos that describe what recruiters are looking for out of particular questions. It really is an interviewing one-stop shop!

"My secret is practice."
-David Beckham

Authored by Rachel Kaschner.