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January 2011

Interview Tips from BP Recruiting

Today's blog features interview tips from the recruiters at BP America, Inc.

Your interviews should be a two-way process. We will want to find out about you, your skills and abilities, and we would expect you to learn more about us too. Here are a few reminders to help you prepare:
• Do your research: look at our website, brochures and any recent media articles. And if we visit your campus, come and talk to us.
• Be clear on your motivation for wanting to join our company and be ready to explain what role interests you and why.
• Remind yourself of your application. We will talk to you in depth about your academic and technical background as well as some of the other things on your application form.
• In particular, you should think about particularly significant achievements in your life - either in the academic world or … 

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What's going on winter quarter...

There's a lot going on this winter quarter related to career development and your job search. Here are some events and opportunities that we think you should know about...

Seminar: Secrets to a Terrific Technical Talk: ECE professor, Betty Lise Anderson, will discuss how to give a technical presentation. The one hour event is tomorrow-Friday, January 21 from 1:30pm-2:30pm in 031 Hitchcock Hall.
OSU Office of Diversity & Inclusion Career & Job Fair: All OSU students and alum are invited to attend. Internship, part-time and full-time employment opportunities available. The job fair is Wednesday, January, 26 from 11:30-4:00 in the Ohio Union, Archie Griffin Grand Ballroom.
Microsoft University Scholarship Program: Apply for a technical scholarship for the 2011-2012 school year. The application deadline is Tuesday, February 1.
OSU Nonprofit Opportunities Fair: Connect with 30+ employers from various local nonprofit organizations. Employers will … 

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Should I update my resume even if "nothing has changed?"

Absolutely! It's important to update your resume regularly, whether it's the resume in your ECS job search account or a resume posted on a particular company site or commercial job board. Many applicant tracking systems - including the ECS/ECIP "Resume Book" - make it possible for employers to search for the newest resumes or those posted with a certain period of time. If you don't update your resume frequently, many employers simply won't look at it.

How often should you update it? For your ECS job search account, co-op and intern candidates can get by with just updating every quarter - ideally before the new quarter starts or at the very beginning of the quarter. Graduating students should update at least that often, but could do so more frequently. Many recruiters look first at resumes that appear to be no more than 5--6 weeks old, because they assume resumes with … 

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Your 2011 New Year's Resolution -- Make time for your job search!

The New Year means setting New Year's Resolutions, and for 88% of us - breaking them. On a related note, the New Year also marks the halfway point for recruiting here at ECS during the academic year. With these two thoughts in mind we wanted to suggest the following New Year's Resolution and discuss how to make it successful: "I will make time and put in the necessary effort to conduct a successful job search."

Every year as we progress further into the calendar year we see more and more students who are just beginning to start their job search. The most common reason for the delayed job search is something that makes us cringe when we hear it (from the unemployed): "I was too busy last quarter and didn't have the time to look for a job." Balancing classes, work and a social life is hard enough … 

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