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Avoid generic language on your resume

Consider your resume. Does it include unsupported claims such as "highly-motivated engineering student," "possess excellent communication skills" or "strong leadership ability"? If so, your resume is likely to be seen as generic or unconvincing to employers.

ANYONE can make these types of empty claims on a resume. Candidates that provide specific examples and quantifiable data to support their claims on the resume make a positive impression and are more successful in the job search process. Think: what would happen if you turned in a lab assignment that simply stated "achieved the desired results" without any evidence to support your conclusion? You would probably fail the assignment. The same principle applies to your resume: You must support your assertions!

Here are some examples of how ECS advisors have helped engineering students make their skills and experiences stand out, without using generic language:

A mechanical engineering student was able to replace … 

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Hop right in to your job search!

Every summer we watch a bunny. Our job is to keep the bunny alive, well and happy until his 8 and 13 year old owners come to claim him. After he chewed a third hole in my living room carpet, I knew I needed to find alternative ways to entertain bunny.

A Google search on "bunny care" resulted in 17,600,000 links in .29 seconds. Since I have limited time and interest in reading about bunny care, not to mention the fact that the rabbit is hopping around my living room NOW, I am forced to just start clicking. So far, my random picks - like giving him newspaper to chew and paper towel rolls to play with - have failed miserably.

Fortunately, as an engineering student looking for a job, you don't have to make "random clicks" from a long list of Google results. You can register for … 

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Check out DirectEmployers

Conducting a geographically-focused job search?

Interested in moving to a new city, but aren't sure which companies in the area hire engineers?

Looking for an easy-to-use website for job searching, without having to create another job search account or worry about the identity theft endemic to public job boards?

Tired of using a search engine like Google to try to identify companies that might be hiring?

If you answered ‘yes' to any of these questions, you should be using DirectEmployers as a supplement to your ECS job search account. DirectEmployers is a non-profit association of employers, which owns and manages this free, easy to use website.

DirectEmployers is a job search engine that gets right to the point - connecting you with relevant employment opportunities in a specific area. Searching for jobs is streamlined and efficient. You simply plug in a zip code (or City, State), provide a search radius … 

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ECS Summer Update

Summer is certainly flying by-but make the most of it by taking advantage of what ECS can offer you! If you haven't melted yet, the hot months are not the time to put your job search on the backburner. On the contrary-summer is probably the best time to seek out help from ECS! Why? Because our student traffic is lower, thus improving the level of service we can provide. More time=more personalized attention. Gear up for your fall job search early by calling our office at 292-6651. ECS is open Monday-Friday daily from 7:30am-4:30pm. We'd be happy to help you with resumes, cover letters, job search strategies, interviewing, or any other job search related issues you may have.

Between our office's relocation and the loss of Kathy Weaver, this year has continued to be one of major changes for ECS. In May, our office said goodbye to staff … 

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In memory of Kathleen (Kathy) Weaver

Kathy Weaver, Treasured FriendKathy Weaver, 1952-2010November 8, 1952-May 17, 2010

Dedicated member of the Engineering Career Services team, valued co-worker and treasured friend from 2004-2010. She always put others first, gave every task her best effort, and was cheerful and uncomplaining throughout a long illness.

Her advice, wisdom and kindness were much appreciated by the more than 1100 students she helped with career and job search concerns and the many others whose lives she touched in some way. Thanks to her patient and helpful assistance, hundreds of employers found it easy to hire Ohio State University engineering students.

This is a deep loss for Engineering Career Services. Our most heart-felt condolences go to her family in their loss.

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