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Use your free time over the holiday break-to evaluate & improve your job search efforts!

Now that winter break is near, we hope you will have some time to reflect upon your fall quarter job search. Was it successful or is there still work to be done? If your job search was a success, congratulations on your job offer (and please report it - see the link at the bottom)! For those of you that are still looking, this is a great time to think about what you can do to improve your job search. Were you getting too few first interviews? Do you feel your interviewing performance needs work? Were your efforts focused only around Expo? (Keep in mind, a career fair is just ONE way to look for jobs-not THE way, or the most effective way.) Did you utilize the entire quarter to apply for positions?

Consider scheduling an appointment with an ECS advisor during winter break or the month of January to assess your job search strategy. Our foot traffic is lower during this time, allowing us to spend more time with you! We can help you maximize your efforts, discuss interview techniques, review areas for improvement, and - as always - enhance your resume. If you are in town over winter break, give us a call and we can schedule an appointment with you. If you are going home or home is a long distance away, set up an appointment for early January. (Call 292-6651 to do so.) While a large portion of recruiting occurs during fall quarter, you should be geared up to take full advantage of the winter recruiting season and the significant opportunities during that time period. Don't forget to upload a fresh version of your resume and click the Quarterly Activation Form to keep your account active! Employers work even during our breaks so why wait until you're back on campus to reactivate your account?

To report a full time opportunity post-graduation or internship/co-op offer, go to following links:

Post-Graduation Full-Time

"Change is vital, improvement the logical form of change."
-James Cash Penney

Authored by Dan Lamone.