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November 2010

How important is co-op/internship experience?

If you are considering pursuing a co-op or internship opportunity, but aren't sure if it is worth your time, think about the following:

Experience is the first thing that employers consider when reviewing a resume. You may have heard the story that it's easier to get a job once you have had a job. In engineering, this is absolutely true. Last year, 68% of the BS graduates in engineering graduated with at least one quarter of co-op or internship experience. Of the engineering students who reported firm plans for after graduation, 84% had at least one quarter of co-op or internship experience. Students who decide to forego co-op or internship experience in order to graduate quickly often find that their resume is not competitive when it comes to the full-time job search.

Employers often look for full-time candidates within their co-op and internship populations. Recruiting can be time-consuming, expensive, and … 

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Community Service through AmeriCorps

Have you ever participated in community service and seen the difference a passionate group of people can make? Have you wondered what you could accomplish if you had more time and resources? Are you looking for a "gap year" between graduation and your future career or graduate school? Do you believe that you could help make a difference in our country? AmeriCorps might be the program for you!

AmeriCorps is a federal government program that offers 75,000+ opportunities every year to make a difference in America's communities. A sampling of topic areas are: community development, community outreach, disaster relief, economic development, education, health, hunger, housing, neighborhood revitalization, public safety, and technology. AmeriCorps is a fantastic opportunity to broaden your horizons, work with diverse populations, and challenge yourself in ways you may have never imagined during 10 to 12 month service terms.

AmeriCorps is comprised of three main programs: AmeriCorps … 

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Using LinkedIn Effectively

The Internet is a powerful resource for your job search. There are many useful databases that help you find job postings. What about a website devoted to professional networking? is an excellent website devoted to professional networking. Are you unfamiliar with Think of it as a professional version of a social networking website. You can post your resume online, connect with professionals, and join groups that pertain to your job search, school alumni, and professional organizations.

LinkedIn users who complete their profile with detailed information concerning their employment history will benefit the most. List your experiences in resume style format. Use industry-specific key words so that your profile will show up for employers who may use LinkedIn to search for potential candidates. The more industry-specific key words you use in your profile, the more you will show up in employer searches.

Next, you'll add your professional … 

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Avoid Dining Dilemmas

Today's blog is written by ECS's new advisor, Dean Pidcock.

Are you preparing for an on-site interview? Congratulations on making it this far in the interview process! Like most students, you're probably spending time preparing questions to ask and practicing your answers to interview questions. If so, you should be well prepared for the interview - but are you prepared to present a professional image in a restaurant? On-site interviews often include at least one meal with potential co-workers and managers. Believe it or not, your behavior during a meal could be a deciding factor in getting the job - or not.

One of the most common mistakes people make when dining with a potential employer is ordering the wrong item from the menu. This is not the time to order crab legs, an overstuffed sandwich, or pasta with extra sauce dripping off the plate! Instead, order a menu item … 

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