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Will your answer to this interviewing question weed you out?

Today's blog features guest writer, Jennifer Hickman, who is a recruiter for United McGill Corporation.

"If you had unlimited options, what would be your ideal job?"

This is a classic weeding out question for interviewers and you should have an answer ready before you enter the interview.

When you answer this question, consider what your answer tells the employer. If your answer has nothing to do with the job you are interviewing for or the career path this position may lead you to, you have just told the interviewer that you are not really interested in their opening. The employer's interpretation is that you are interviewing with the intention of this being your "back-up position" or because there are no other options in this tight job market.

Recruiters are not naïve. We understand that job seekers interview for more than just their top picks. But we do not want to feel like you are only interested until something better comes along. In order to be considered past the initial interview and this question, you should form your answer to include your interest in the position for which you are interviewing. Express interest and enthusiasm! There must be something that interests you, otherwise why would you waste valuable job seeking time on this interview?

Experts predict that average employees your age will have more jobs than their parents and grandparents combined, not to mention career changes. Employers are looking to find employees that will be a good return on investment. They want to hire employees that will be motivated to stay with their organization for a long time. If you tell the interviewer in the manufacturing industry that you want to work for the pharmaceutical industry, then they assume you will leave as soon as a better offer is presented.

Treat every interview as though it is the interview for your top job choice. Complete your research ahead of time about the company and the position and walk into that interview with a desire to work for that company. Do not burn bridges; you never know when that company may have another opening that would be perfect for you or when you may run into that recruiter again.

"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life."

Authored by an ECS guest.