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Interview Advice from Employers

This week's blog article was written by Dan Lamone, one of the Graduate Advisors in the ECS office.

Did you know that this week marks the beginning of the 2010 Fall On-Campus Recruiting Season? Buckeye football isn't the only activity that begins before classes start. Application windows for October interviews began opening this week and the Fall Engineering EXPO is less than one month away!

During this time, we commonly receive questions about improving interviewing skills and techniques from our students. While there are plenty of interview materials in the "Student Resources" section of our website, in this week's blog we would like to share what employers feel students can do to improve their interviewing skills. Below are a collection of comments collected from recruiters over the past few years from interviews with Ohio State students here at ECS.

  • "Not adequately prepared -- did not do research on the company." (This was the most frequent comment by far.)

  • "Don't just give yes or no answers. Really expand on opportunities you have had - especially technical."

  • "More eye contact"

  • "Prepare a short speech on your background/ introduction."

  • "Be acutely aware of your aspirations and how they will fit with the company you are interviewing with."

  • "Show more enthusiasm and interest in the job."

  • "Dress properly. Tighten tie, comb hair, tuck in shirt, and work on resume."

  • "Express interest in the position."

  • "When applying for a leadership development program, leadership skills/experience should be expressed on resume."

  • "Relax. Try to limit ‘umm's' while speaking."

  • "Be clear on what you want."

  • "While concern about future layoffs is understandable, asking specific questions about previous layoffs within a company should be approached cautiously; student already acts as if he may be let go from a future position for which he is just now being considered."

If--after having reviewed our materials online--your interviews are still not going as well as you had hoped, contact us at 614-292-6651 to schedule an ‘interview help' appointment.

"Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all."
~Sam Ewing

Authored by an ECS guest.