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September 2010

Will your answer to this interviewing question weed you out?

Today's blog features guest writer, Jennifer Hickman, who is a recruiter for United McGill Corporation.

"If you had unlimited options, what would be your ideal job?"

This is a classic weeding out question for interviewers and you should have an answer ready before you enter the interview.

When you answer this question, consider what your answer tells the employer. If your answer has nothing to do with the job you are interviewing for or the career path this position may lead you to, you have just told the interviewer that you are not really interested in their opening. The employer's interpretation is that you are interviewing with the intention of this being your "back-up position" or because there are no other options in this tight job market.

Recruiters are not naïve. We understand that job seekers interview for more than just their top picks. But we do not want to … 

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Interview Advice from Employers

This week's blog article was written by Dan Lamone, one of the Graduate Advisors in the ECS office.

Did you know that this week marks the beginning of the 2010 Fall On-Campus Recruiting Season? Buckeye football isn't the only activity that begins before classes start. Application windows for October interviews began opening this week and the Fall Engineering EXPO is less than one month away!

During this time, we commonly receive questions about improving interviewing skills and techniques from our students. While there are plenty of interview materials in the "Student Resources" section of our website, in this week's blog we would like to share what employers feel students can do to improve their interviewing skills. Below are a collection of comments collected from recruiters over the past few years from interviews with Ohio State students here at ECS.

  • "Not adequately prepared -- did not do research on the company … 
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College Hiring Rebounds 13.5 Percent for Class of 2011

Good news for this year's graduating hiring is expected to grow this academic year. The National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE) surveyed employers regarding the job outlook for 2011. Of the respondents...

  • 48% of responding employers expect to increase their hiring.

  • 40% expect to maintain their hiring levels, bringing on approximately the same number of 2011 grads as they did from the Class of 2010.

  • 12% anticipate cutting college hiring further.



We're seeing the evidence of this here in ECS on a daily basis. New employers register for ECS recruiting accounts every day; multiple new job postings come in every day also. We've reached capacity for the Oct 7th Engineering Expo and a number of days in October are completely booked with employers who will hold on-campus interview schedules. If your account's not active, you'll miss this activity - and your resume won't be … 

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