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August 2010

Tools for Approximating Your Full-Time Earning Potential (How Good Is That Salary Offer?)

As an engineering student, it's likely that you've thought about what you might earn as a salary after you graduate. You're taking tough classes and spending a lot of time studying-so you're probably expecting to reap the rewards of that hard work upon securing career employment. But how do you determine whether a particular offer makes sense for your degree level, GPA, major, and the location of the job?

A great starting place is to look at the data that ECS collects, available on our website under "Salaries & Statistics." ECS tracks engineering students' wages and salary information, not only for the College of Engineering, but for students like you so that you are aware of the "going rate" for new grads in engineering fields.

A relatively new tool that we're excited to share with you is the Salary Calculator. This program will ask you for information relating to … 

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Avoid generic language on your resume

Consider your resume. Does it include unsupported claims such as "highly-motivated engineering student," "possess excellent communication skills" or "strong leadership ability"? If so, your resume is likely to be seen as generic or unconvincing to employers.

ANYONE can make these types of empty claims on a resume. Candidates that provide specific examples and quantifiable data to support their claims on the resume make a positive impression and are more successful in the job search process. Think: what would happen if you turned in a lab assignment that simply stated "achieved the desired results" without any evidence to support your conclusion? You would probably fail the assignment. The same principle applies to your resume: You must support your assertions!

Here are some examples of how ECS advisors have helped engineering students make their skills and experiences stand out, without using generic language:

A mechanical engineering student was able to replace … 

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