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Hop right in to your job search!

Every summer we watch a bunny. Our job is to keep the bunny alive, well and happy until his 8 and 13 year old owners come to claim him. After he chewed a third hole in my living room carpet, I knew I needed to find alternative ways to entertain bunny.

A Google search on "bunny care" resulted in 17,600,000 links in .29 seconds. Since I have limited time and interest in reading about bunny care, not to mention the fact that the rabbit is hopping around my living room NOW, I am forced to just start clicking. So far, my random picks - like giving him newspaper to chew and paper towel rolls to play with - have failed miserably.

Fortunately, as an engineering student looking for a job, you don't have to make "random clicks" from a long list of Google results. You can register for and use your Engineering Career Services job search account and select jobs that match your skills and interests. You can focus your time on making the right selections and providing a competitive application. We have already spoken to the employers posting those jobs, and they are looking specifically for Ohio State students.

You also have the ability to use our selected job search links that have proven results for other students, rather than just picking the first job search site that may come to mind. So, use your job search account first and then check out additional links here.

By the way, the Google search on "engineering jobs" turned up 223,000,000 results in .22 seconds. Keep the holes out of your job search.

"Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things."
-Peter Drucker

Authored by Effie Patitsas.